Bank of America data breach was an inside job


Bank of America has been tightlipped about a data breach facilitated by an insider, according to The Los Angeles Times.

An unknown number of customers had their name, address, Social Security number, phone numbers, bank account number, driver’s license number, date of birth, email, mother’s maiden name, PINs and account balances compromised.

So far, the Secret Service has arrested 95 suspects in this criminal ring. It remains unknown how much overall identity theft is going on among Bank of America customers.

Another problem here is that right now one of big pushes of the big banks is to get you to do all your business with them. The problem is if you have all your money with one institution, all your money could disappear at once if your account is compromised.

According to The Los Angeles Times, there was one fellow sitting in a branch trying to get the employee to save him money and another account was emptied right before his eyes! Bank of America is doing the worthless thing of offering two years of credit monitoring. What a joke!

Bank of America is not willing to provide any info about the number of affected customers. The bank’s  excuse is that, “It’s part of active criminal investigation so we can’t say anything.” Do you have to have an IQ of 4 to work at Bank of America in corporate management?!

There are a couple things here for you to know:

  • File a credit freeze. It won’t stop your account from being emptied, but it will stop crooks from opening new lines of credit in your name.
  • Don’t put all your money eggs in one basket. If a crook cracks the code at that one institution, you’re the one left with no money.

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