TaskRabbit Review: 5 Things To Know Before Signing Up

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Whether you’re tackling a home improvement project or need help with a challenging chore, hiring someone is sometimes the best solution. When it comes to finding that help, TaskRabbit may be a resource worth checking out. 

I signed up for TaskRabbit and searched for a local “Tasker” to see how the process would go. You can use TaskRabbit to connect with contractors in hundreds of fields including furniture assembly, cleaning, delivery and repair. In this article, I’ll take a close look at exactly what you can do on TaskRabbit and how this resource can help you find the right person for the job.

What To Know About TaskRabbit Before You Sign Up

Whether you need help with cleaning, running errands, moving or something else entirely, you’ll likely find a contractor on TaskRabbit who can complete the job. In addition to searching for local contractors, you can also view hourly rates, read verified reviews and book services online. 

Before you create an account and begin searching for freelancers, consider these five things to know about TaskRabbit:

In each section below, I’ll provide detailed information about the services offered by TaskRabbit, how to hire a Tasker and more.

1. What Is TaskRabbit?

TaskRabbit is a website and app (iOS and Android) that allows users to research, hire, rate and review local service providers

While searching, I found freelancers skilled in hundreds of categories including yard work, running errands, moving and more. According to the website, “Whether you need monthly cleanings or assistance assembling furniture, TaskRabbit can connect you with an independent contractor in your area.”

Those independent contractors are referred to as “Taskers,” and while they offer personal experience and expertise, TaskRabbit does not offer licensed professional services. For more information, visit this page in TaskRabbit’s support center.

2. How Much Does TaskRabbit Cost?

When I searched for a few different jobs, it quickly became obvious that hourly rates vary by Tasker. Because of this, TaskRabbit doesn’t provide estimates of how much a particular service may cost. 

Still, you’ll be able to see an exact hourly rate when booking your task. When I searched for someone to clean an apartment in Atlanta in January 2023, I found listings for available contractors who charged anywhere from $16 to $77 an hour. 


The hourly rate includes a TaskRabbit service fee. If there are any materials required, you’ll either need to buy them yourself or discuss adding a reimbursement to your invoice with your Tasker.

In addition to the service fee, you can expect to see a Trust & Support fee added to your invoice after the service is completed. The Trust & Support fee varies.

For example, if I’m looking to hire a Tasker who charges $100 an hour, I would see $100 plus the service fee as the hourly rate. If the task takes only one hour to complete and no additional materials are required, I can expect to see a total that includes the hourly rate, service fee and Trust & Support fee on my invoice. For more information about TaskRabbit fees, reimbursements and payments, visit this page in the support center.

3. How Does TaskRabbit Work?

TaskRabbit works by connecting users with local contractors. The service also provides access to verified ratings and reviews. You can use TaskRabbit to find nearby Taskers, read about previous clients’ experiences, compare hourly rates and share your own reviews. 

If you’re looking to hire help for a project or service, TaskRabbit can be a great resource for finding freelancers in your area. 

Getting Started

To get started, visit TaskRabbit online or download the mobile app for iOS or Android. While you don’t have to create an account as soon as you visit the website or download the app, I recommend getting it out of the way. Creating an account is easy and free, plus you’ll have to sign up to see any local service providers’ information. 

TaskRabbit website home page featuring the main search bar

To create an account, click “Profile” in the app or click “Log in” in the top right corner of the website’s homepage.

Finding a Contractor

The best way to find a local service provider on TaskRabbit is to search for the type of task you need done. When I first visited TaskRabbit’s website, I clicked on the search bar and typed “Cleaning.” 

From there, I answered a few questions about the project including the location, my estimate for long it would take to complete the task and a few other details. Then I clicked “See Taskers and Prices.” 

Hiring a contrator on TaskRabbit

Along the side of the screen, I could indicate the task date and time I wanted as well as the Tasker type (such as “Elite Tasker” or “Great Value”) in order to narrow my results further. Be sure to plug in your preferred date and time before you select a contractor to prevent any scheduling conflicts. I was also able to sort the results by recommended, price (low or high), percentage of positive reviews and number of completed tasks.


Gathering Information and Hiring a Contractor

Once you’ve found a contractor you’d like to learn more about, you can click their name to view their information.

In addition to the Tasker’s name, you’ll be able to see how many relevant tasks they’ve completed, how many positive reviews they’ve received and a percentage of reliability. You can scroll down to see ratings and reviews from previous clients. If the Tasker has collected reviews in more than one category, you can choose to filter the reviews accordingly or view them all. 

Details of a Tasker Profile on TaskRabbit for a local contractor

When I was collecting information on nearby Taskers who could help with cleaning, I felt that the app was more comprehensive than the website. It provided a clearer breakdown of ratings and reviews and had photos that I wasn’t able to find online.

Taskers’ profiles also include a brief introduction and an hourly rate, which includes TaskRabbit’s service fee.

If you see “Elite Tasker” on someone’s profile, this means that they’re one of TaskRabbit’s highest-rated Taskers and have met the following qualifications: 

  • Maintain a positive rating of 98% or higher
  • Complete a significant number of tasks each month
  • No violations of TaskRabbit’s strict Marketplace Guidelines

Once you find a few available, highly-rated Taskers, begin comparing them. Be sure to read customer reviews, consider the Tasker’s reliability rating and look at the hourly rate. For more specific information on how to choose the best contractor for the job, follow these six tips.

After you’ve made your decision, click “Select and Continue” to choose a date and set a time. If you haven’t already created an account, you’ll need to do that now. Simply enter your name, email address, ZIP code and create a password before continuing.

From there, you’ll be able to verify the details of your project. Then, you’ll enter your payment information, enter your phone number and confirm your booking.

What’s Next?

When you book a Tasker, you’ll have a pending authorization charge applied to your account that will disappear after 24 hours. This is to verify the validity of your credit card. The actual charges won’t appear on your account until your Tasker completes the work.

Once you’ve hired someone, you’ll be able to chat with them online or call them on the app. TaskRabbit recommends using chat as your primary method of communication so that everything is documented in writing. Your phone number and email address won’t be shared with a Tasker. For more information on how to contact Taskers, visit this page in the support center.


Be sure to agree on the date, time and details of the project beforehand. You and your Tasker should decide what materials will be required and who is purchasing them. You should also work together to estimate how long the task will take as this will affect the total cost.

Once the task has been completed, you’ll receive an invoice for the hours worked plus any agreed-upon expenses. You’ll also be able to leave a review by logging in to your TaskRabbit account.

4. How To Cancel TaskRabbit

If you need to cancel a task, you can do so from the web or the TaskRabbit app. 

From the website, click the small circle with three dots in the task window. Then, click “cancel.” From the app, click on the “tasks” tab and choose the task. Then, click “task info” and click “cancel.” 

Note that if you cancel a confirmed task within 24 hours of its scheduled start time, you will be charged a one-hour cancellation fee at the Tasker’s hourly rate. If your Tasker has already completed some work, you’ll need to contact them directly. From there, you can agree on the number of hours that will appear on the invoice.

For more information on cancellations, visit this page of the support center.

5. Tips From a Tasker

To get a better idea of how to find the best freelancer in your area, I spoke with Tasker and a Team Clark volunteer, Bob Field. While you’re searching for the right person for the job, keep these tips in mind:

  1. Be flexible. You may not find the perfect Tasker as soon as you log on, but Taskers appear in the search results only if they’re available. Try logging on at different times throughout the week or changing your project dates to see more results.
  2. Do your research. The more research you put into it, the better results you’re going to get. Take the time to look at a contractor’s profile information, read reviews and compare hourly rates.
  3. Trust the reviews. TaskRabbit doesn’t edit reviews and Taskers can’t delete them. Read all of the reviews, good and bad, to get a full overview of a service provider.

By following these tips, you’ll maximize your chances of finding the best, most highly-qualified person to hire.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I think TaskRabbit is a great resource for people who are looking for contractors or freelancers. Just keep in mind that the listings you’ll find on TaskRabbit are not for licensed professionals, though Taskers do offer personal experience and expertise. They’ve also gone through an identity verification process and criminal background check.

I felt that both the website and app made it easy to compare local service providers. After I created an account and searched for a nearby freelancer myself, I found these major pros and cons:



  • Upfront Pricing. Instead of gathering quotes, you’ll be able to compare hourly rates before contacting anyone.
  • Convenience. Both the app and website were simple to use and made it easy to compare Taskers and hourly rates.
  • The TaskRabbit Happiness Pledge. This pledge covers clients for up to $10,000 worth of property damage, bodily injury or theft under certain conditions. 


  • Additional Fees. A service fee is included in the hourly rate, plus you can expect an additional Trust & Support fee on the final invoice. So you’ll end up paying slightly more than the quoted hourly rate, but the actual fees vary.
  • Not Licensed Professionals. Most Taskers aren’t licensed professionals, and those who are aren’t verified by TaskRabbit. If you feel you need a professional for your project, this may not be the best resource to use.
  • No Contact Before Hire. You won’t be able to send any messages, discuss project details or contact references prior to hiring.

After using Angi, Thumbtack and HomeAdvisor, I felt that TaskRabbit was best for smaller projects and services. While it’s easy to compare hourly rates, you can’t contact service providers before deciding whom to hire. You also won’t be able to verify licensing or ask for references. Still, if you need to book a second pair of hands quickly, TaskRabbit makes the process easy.

Have you ever hired a contractor that you found on TaskRabbit? Tell us about your experience in our Clark.com Community.

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