11 Things on Deep Discount in November

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It’s finally here: the biggest month in the deal savings calendar!

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are both prominently positioned in November, so the 11th month of the year has tech deals galore. Over at Clark Deals, we are already seeing some Black Friday deals that will continue as we get closer to November 24. Some sellers, including Target, are offering pricing guarantees, meaning the price is guaranteed not to go lower than Black Friday or if you purchase an item and the price goes lower before a certain date, you can request a price match.

Even though we’re about to lose an hour of daylight when the clocks change, you shouldn’t sleep on some of November’s other hidden savings categories because there are also other items on which you can get a great deal this month!

Here Are the Best November Deals


OK, so TVs are the obvious category here for deals in November. Historically they’re one of the main items retailers hope will entice you into the stores on Black Friday.

Already, the Clark Deals team has seen a trickle of early Black Friday TV deals, starting with Amazon’s second Prime Day sale of the year last month.

Nonetheless, there will be many more deals on the way as we move along in the holiday shopping season. We’re already seeing price points of around $900 on screen sizes up to 85 inches!

If you want to score the very best deals, you may want to try holding out for a $300 price point for a 65 inch 4K TV during Black Friday weekend. That’s the lowest price we’ve ever seen!


November has a few notable food holidays that usually offer you the opportunity to get some discounted or free food:

  • National Sandwich Day: Nov. 3
  • National Donut Day: Nov. 5
  • Fast Food Day: Nov. 16

National Donut Day is something of a twofer. That’s because the November celebration is actually the second such holiday in the calendar year; it’s preceded by the first National Donut Day in June!

(Editor’s note: Curious about why two holidays with the same name exist? Get the “hole” story here.)


Small Appliances

Small appliances are promoted heavily during the holiday shopping season. This is the time to take advantage of great deals on things like personal blenders and coffee makers (which can make great gifts). Be on the lookout for $5 to $10 price points from the likes of Belk, Kohl’s and Macy’s among others. Note that some of the lowest prices may involve a mail-in rebate.

Veterans Day

November 11 is when we honor those who have served our nation in the armed forces. Although we can never express our gratitude enough, many companies provide free or discounted goods and services to both veterans and active-duty service members as a small token of appreciation. Sign up for our newsletter to be informed of this year’s deals!

Wedding Dresses

While most people try to plan a spring or summer wedding, October is traditionally the last big month for nuptials. So that puts November firmly into the off-season for wedding dresses.

So it’s a great month to snag a deal on a wedding dress. At the very least, you won’t face a lot of competition from other buyers this time of year.

Winter Sports Gear

With winter just around the corner, now is a great time to pick up a deal on winter sports gear.

Be on the lookout for big savings on snowshoes, ice skates, hand warmers, thermal socks and more. We did a deep dive into the best times to buy that last item in particular. Our research shows you’re likely to pay $9 less on average this month for a pair of thermal socks.

Also, if you’re looking to pay bottom dollar for sports gear, buying used might be a good option for cost savings. REI has a used gear section, and stores such as Play It Again Sports offer pre-owned sporting equipment at a discount.

Speaking of winter sports, John C. wrote us to say that he’s saved more than $840 on ski lift tickets by purchasing Indy Pass for 180+ independent resorts throughout North America.

Winterizing Materials

Pipe insulation, door sweeps and caulking supplies all tend to go on sale this month. And while you’re at it, now is a great time to prepare for winter storms. Snow Joe often runs great daily deals on ice scrapers, snow shovels and more.

Items such as weather stripping really can help you save heated air from escaping your home (and the cost of heating from escaping your wallet).


“You are not a prisoner to what that heating bill is,” Clark says in a podcast. “There are things you can do that will make a meaningful difference to that bill.”

His advice is to start with the windows. It’s not necessary to replace them; try weatherstripping and caulking around doors and windows instead. It’s simple and you can do it yourself. It just takes a little elbow grease.

You may also want to consider retrofitting your attic with high-efficiency insulation. This typically pays back in about a season and then you save money every year after that.

Other ideas include installing a smart thermostat and checking your water heater temperature settings. We’ve got a full list of ways to save money on your energy bill here.

Halloween Candy and Costumes on Clearance

Early November is the best time to get Halloween candy and costumes at rock-bottom clearance prices. Sure, you’ll have to pick through leftovers, but you can score some real deals!

Stores such as Walmart and warehouse clubs Costco, Sam’s Club and BJ’s are great places to check for leftover costumes. And don’t forget about pet costumes for next year at retailers including Chewy.


Bedding, throw blankets, towels and air mattresses are likely to go on sale in November. And the timing is perfect when you think about it: these so-called “softlines,” or soft goods, can help get your home ready for holiday guests.

Though we are seeing early deals now, especially from department stores including Macy’s and Kohl’s, we expect to see more as Black Friday approaches.


This is a big category in the run-up to Black Friday. There were a ton of electronics deals beginning last month with the Prime Big Deal Days and competing sales like the Walmart Deals Holiday Kickoff event, among others.

And the deals just keep on coming. Keep your eye out for deals on streaming devices like the Roku and the Amazon Fire Stick — the latter of which is already half off!



You can update your wardrobe on the cheap this month. The entire clothing industry is facing pressure from super-affordable retailers like Shein. Add to that all the clearance inventory and you’ve got a recipe for savings!

“When I’ve been shopping, there’s so much clearance from every season — both last year’s winter and the recent summer,” Clark Deals Managing Editor Charis Brown says. “Kohl’s near where I live has a huge clearance rack of clothing that they can’t get rid of.”

Final Thoughts

There’s so much on sale in November as retailers begin the traditional year-end holiday push. Additional product categories you’re likely to find deals on this month include bakeware and cookware, streaming devices like the Roku, and humidifiers and diffusers.

Want to see what’s on sale right now? Check out today’s best deals from ClarkDeals.com.

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