The Clark Howard Radio Show


Clark Howard is a consumer expert whose nationally-syndicated radio and TV programs shows you practical ways to save more, spend less and avoid getting ripped off.

Clark’s goal is to empower the consumer, helping you pack a punch in your wallet, invest wisely, save for retirement, find the best deals, avoid scams, and reduce those bills. Clark gives expert consumer and investment advice,  reveals the hottest bargains and travel deals, teaches you how to deal with customer (no) service complaints and so much more. Listen daily, and we promise —  you’re going to learn how to stretch that dollar!

Want to speak to Clark on the air?

Go to and fill out the submission form. If you would like more immediate service you can call Clark’s Consumer Action Center for free 45 hours a week.
Radio Stations: Become an affiliate. Carry Clark’s show on your station.

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