Clark Howard: Audio Help

If you have other technical questions, you can email the Tech Department. (Web-related issues ONLY. Neither Clark nor the producers will receive the email.) If you’d like to leave feedback on the show, please post on our message boards. If you need consumer help, you can call the show, post on the boards, or contact Team Clark Howard for off-air advice.

If you are experiencing problems and cannot listen to our online stream, please see some of these frequently-asked questions in the following categories:


QUESTION: I used to be able to hear your station, but when I click on my favorite or bookmark to listen to your station, all I get is an ASP error message and/or I don’t hear any audio.

Be sure that you are using the correct web address for our player, and update your bookmark or favorite accordingly. To view the latest player, click LISTEN LIVE at the top of the page. When the new player displays, use your browser’s Favorite or Bookmark function to save the new player location.

QUESTION: I use Internet Explorer and when I launch the player, I see “Connection in progress, backup connection in progress” but it never actually connects.

The problem could lie in the Internet Explorer configurations. There are a few steps to rectify the situation.

  • Please make sure that you have the latest version of Internet Explorer. You can find it here:
  • Open Internet Explorer. Click on “Tools” and select “Internet Options” in the dropdown menu. On the window that opens, select the “Advanced” tab. At the bottom of the window you will see “Reset Internet Explorer Settings”. Click on “Reset…”. Be aware that by doing this all your cookies, temporary files and add-ons will be deleted and/or disabled. You can now close Internet Explorer.
  • Re-open Internet Explorer, you should be redirected to a welcome page. Do NOT turn on automatic Phishing Filter — this is critical, as if you do turn it on you need to start this process over. Please note that if you are asked if you want to turn on the automatic Phishing Filter at any time during your browsing experience, do NOT turn it on.
  • Make sure that you have the latest version of Flash Player. You can get it here:

QUESTION: When I log on the player page, it says that I don’t have Flash Player installed on my computer… but I do have it.

Could you please try to open it with another browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, etc) to make sure it’s not a problem with your computer or firewall configuration.

For example: if you primarily use IE but do not have Firefox, you can get Firefox here:

If Flash is not recognized by one of your browsers, you may need to uninstall and re-install the Flash plugin.


QUESTION: When I launch the Player, it says that I need to upgrade my version of Flash Player.

You are using an old version of Flash Player. You can update your Flash Player here:

QUESTION: Your player requires Flash, but my office won’t allow me to install Flash on my computer.

Adobe Flash is a common application that allows you to access many areas of the Internet. Ask your IT staff if they can install Flash for you. In the meantime, you may try listening to the stream via the station’s mobile site, which does not require Flash. You can get the Flash Player here:

QUESTION: When I launch the Player, all I see is a blank browser window, or a message that says “Loading Player” with a rotating graphic. No matter how long I wait, the Player itself never loads. This happens every time I click the LISTEN LIVE link.

The player not loading completely may be due to a number of different things:

  • Refresh the page that contains the “Listen” link, and let the page load completely before clicking the “Listen” link again. On occasion, information the Player needs to load completely is not available until after the calling page has finished loading into your browser.
  • You may be using an old version of Flash Player. You can update your Flash Player here:
  • You may have the latest version of Flash Player, but it needs to be uninstalled and reinstalled because something became corrupted in your browser settings. Reinstalling Flash can correct this issue.
  • You may be using an older browser version or your browser version is not using the latest patch. Please update your browser to a newer version (for example, update Internet Explorer 6 to either Internet Explorer 7 or Internet Explorer 8), or otherwise verify that the version you are using is up-to-date with the latest security updates.
  • Your browser may have a conflicting plugin that is preventing the Player software from loading correctly. Try disabling unnecessary plugins, such as toolbars or anything else that interacts with the browser contents.
  • Your network firewall may be preventing you from accessing our stream. If you’re trying to listen from the office, ask your network administrator to see if the stream is being blocked by the firewall. If you’re trying to listen from home, try disabling your local firewall to see if that helps.

QUESTION: When I listen online, why is the audio delayed compared to what I hear on my home or car radio?

Listening online requires the radio signal to be converted into a different format to be “transmitted” over the Internet. This conversion process creates a slight delay compared to audio from the same station heard on a car or home radio.

QUESTION: I click LISTEN LIVE, but the current page just reloads and the player never appears. What’s happening?

The streaming audio player opens in a new window. If you have any software installed that prevents pop-up windows from opening, it will prevent the audio player from opening. You will need to temporarily disable any such software in order to listen online. For example, Norton Personal Firewall, Norton Security, and Google Toolbar can all prevent pop-up windows, depending on your settings. Please consult the help files for your particular software for instructions on disabling your pop-up blocking software.


QUESTION: I can’t access the stream, all my configurations are up to date including my browser and my Flash Player. I can’t connect at all.

Are you listening from home or from the office?

  • If it’s from the office: You should ask your network administrator if they have blocked the stream URL in the firewall office.
  • If it’s from home: Are you using any kind of firewall, antivirus or parental control program that could be preventing your computer from connecting to our servers? If yes, try to disable those and try again, to make sure that it’s not one of these software programs that creates the problem. If you can listen to the stream after you have turned them off, that means that you have to change the settings in those programs in order to be able to listen to the stream.

You can also try listening via the LISTEN LIVE link shown on the station’s mobile site. If you can listen via that link, then the problem is with your browser or Flash configuration. If you are unable to listen via the mobile site, then the problem is most likely with your network connection or firewall configuration.

Listening via iPhone, other mobile phone or Internet wifi radio

QUESTION: I used to listen via my iPhone, other mobile phone, or Internet/wifi-enabled radio… but what I used previously no longer works.

If you used to listen via your mobile phone, note that we have changed the way our stream works and you may need to update your phone or app configuration. We are unable to troubleshoot specific phone setups, as each person’s phone configuration and provider settings can vary widely. However, here are some options for you to try:

  • The best way to listen online is to simply visit the station’s site with your phone browser, and try the LISTEN LIVE link. If the link on the main site doesn’t work, try the Listen link on the station’s mobile site instead.
  • Some phones may prompt you to select which of two stream feeds to connect to. If you know which stream format your phone supports, select the option from those displayed. Please note that this feature will only appear on the station’s mobile site.
  • Some phones may require special third-party software to listen to streams. For example, one program to try on a Windows mobile phone is GSPlayer, while Android or Blackberry users have a number of programs that would be specific to them. Your phone vendor or app store may have other programs or suggestions that can work as well.
  • Our streams are MP3-based. Some phones may not support MP3-based streaming. Please check with your phone vendor to see if this is the case with your phone. If so, then you may need to wait for an update from your phone vendor or network provider for this feature to be enabled.

If you used to listen via a wifi-enabled or Internet radio, you will need to update the URL that your device uses to connect to our stream.

  • If your radio relies on a subscription service, you will have to send a request to your provider asking them to update their database for the station you are trying to listen to.
  • If you program your radio yourself, please try updating it using one of the Listen Live links posted on the station’s mobile site.

QUESTION: The LISTEN LIVE link on your site doesn’t work for me because I’m using an iPhone, iPod Touch, or other device that does not support Flash.

Devices such as the iPhone or iPod Touch that do not support Flash should use the LISTEN LIVE link found on the station’s mobile page rather than using the Listen link found on the main site.

iPad users can use the LISTEN LIVE link on the main site.  If that does not work, then please use the LISTEN LIVE link on the station’s mobile page


QUESTION: I’m using an iPod Touch. The LISTEN LIVE link on the mobile site does not work for me.

iPod Touch users that are not able to use the LISTEN LIVE link need to verify that they are using the latest version of the iPod Touch software. Connect your iPod Touch to your computer running the latest version of iTunes, and let iTunes sync your iPod Touch with the latest updates.

QUESTION: When I try to listen via my Palm PRE, I get about 15-30 seconds of audio, and then nothing.

This is a known issue with how WebOS interprets some streaming audio requests. Those who are familiar with this problem say that fixing it will require an update to the PRE’s 3rd party audio apps, or a firmware update to WebOS. Keep your PRE and its applications up-to-date, and when this issue is addressed, your phone will be updated properly.

QUESTION: When I access the Listen links on the mobile site, I get either a blank screen or my phone tries to download a text file.

If you are getting a blank screen, then your phone’s audio software may not support streaming audio or the software has not been setup correctly. If your phone is trying to download a text file, then your phone may be missing audio software or the software hasn’t been setup correctly. In both cases, you will need to contact your phone vendor or software publisher for configuration assistance, or you may want to obtain new audio software from your phone vendor or phone’s app store.

QUESTION: I’m trying to listen to The Neal Boortz Show or The Clark Howard Show on my iPhone or other mobile phone, but my phone does not support Flash.

If you would like to listen to either The Neal Boortz Show or The Clark Howard Show via your mobile phone and your phone does not support Flash, then please visit the flagship station for those programs – AM750 and NOW 95.5FM News/Talk WSB – with your phone’s browser, and click LISTEN LIVE from WSB’s mobile site.

Podcasts and downloading audio

QUESTION: I use GOOGLE LISTEN on my Android phone, but the podcast I want to subscribe to does not display in the search results. How can I subscribe to the station’s podcast?


The listing of podcasts displayed in GOOGLE LISTEN may not be up-to-date with the latest podcast RSS file, but you can still add the podcast to your GOOGLE LISTEN account manually. To do so, click MY SUBSCRIPTIONS, then ADD A SUBSCRIPTION. You can then enter the full URL for the desired podcast that you would like to subscribe to.

QUESTION: I subscribed to one of the podcasts on your site, but it hasn’t updated in a while even though I see new content is posted and available. When I look in my subscription program, it says “No Content Available”. What’s wrong?

The podcast subscription feed URL may have changed, and your podcast software (iTunes, NewsGator, Zune, etc) is most likely using the old web address. Please go to the site’s RSS Feed / podcast page and resubscribe to the feed from there.

QUESTION: I want to download an audio file from your site to listen later, but when I click the associated “download” link, my browser tries to open the audio file with Quicktime or some other program. Sometimes, I even see a little red X with nothing else. The file just isn’t downloading to my computer!

Clicking the “download” link tells your browser to download the file and open it immediately with whatever program your computer says the browser should use. You want to right-click on the link instead, then select “Save Target As…” from the menu in order to save the file to your computer to play later.