Qkey offers a safer way to browse and shop online


So much of what’s popping up at CES 2016 is about security and you protecting yourself online. Qkey is a device that lets you store personal info on it enabling you to safely browse and shop the web on any computer.

Qkey story -- CES 2016 -- exact title TBA Imagine someone creating a browser that sits in your pocket, constantly at the ready to let you securely access any websites. Qkey is what’s called a zero-footprint device. All your info is stored in your key, which uses the technology known as chip and PIN to let you make payments online while eliminating the need for you to remember passwords.

There’s nobody in between your data and the transaction anymore!

One key to rule them all…

‘Everything that protects our world is in our pockets: Our wallets and our keys. What we did is merge the two,’ a Qkey spokesman told Team Clark. ‘We took the chip card and merged it into a chip key. Now you’re able to go into every website with a more secured environment and no more password. The fear of entering in payment data is gone and the frustration of filling out forms…it’s all gone.’

So what happens if you lose the key?

Since this product comes out of the banking world, the same thing happens if you lose your Qkey that would happen if you lose your credit card: You get a new key sent to you!

Your back-up data is secured on your PC in what’s called a public/private key. ‘So what that means is its encrypted, there’s not a hacker in the world that can breach it,’ the spokesperson said. ‘But you have to have a key to decrypt.’

Qkey: It’s quantum security on a key.

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