Some popular baby monitors vulnerable to hackers


A new report from a cybersecurity firm says that several popular Internet-connected baby monitors lack security to prevent hacking.

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Research released Wednesday by Rapid7 found security problems in all eight cameras they tested. Other concerns were that some of the devices didn’t encrypt the data that was being streamed to the Web. Password security was another issue cited by the firm.

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Video baby monitors are very popular with many parents and the idea of someone else watching is frightening.

In addition, a hacked camera could provide access to other Wi-Fi-enabled devices in a person’s home, such as a personal computer or security system.


Some of the models listed in the research were:

  •     Phillips In.Sight B120 (Discontinued according to Phillips NV)
  •     iBaby and iBaby M3S
  •     Summer Baby Zoom WiFi Monitor & Internet Viewing System
  •     Lens Peek-a-View
  •     Gynoii
  •     TRENDnet WiFi Baby Cam TV-IP743SIC
  •     WiFiBaby WFB2015
  •     Withing WBP01

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