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Clark Howard has been sharing unbiased advice to help people save more and spend less for more than 30 years. On this podcast, Clark shares practical and actionable ways you can improve your financial life today. From breaking news to economic trends to pivotal topics, he breaks down everything you need to know to make solid decisions for your wallet and your life. You can expect straightforward tips on managing debt, credit, monthly bills, savings, retirement, and more.

He has been a best-selling author and the host of a nationally syndicated radio show. In addition to the podcast, Clark has founded, and the Consumer Action Center.

Have a money question? #AskClark segments air every episode.

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Latest Podcasts

Clark Howard: 11.29.16 Podcasts November 30, 2016
Topics: Credit card debt; annuity dinner pitches; Retirement savings; Kids and screen time; Small business hacking threats
Clark Howard: 11.28.16 Podcasts November 29, 2016
Topics: 529 plan w/ poor investments; insurance commissioner letter scam; Credit agencies say you are dead; Insurance rates; Reward credit…
Clark Howard: 11.25.16 Podcasts November 26, 2016
BEST OF CLARK REPEAT. Buying groceries online; Publishers clearing house scam; Cameras watching everything; How much should you run?; Verizon…
Clark Howard: 11.24.16 Podcasts November 25, 2016
BEST OF CLARK REPEAT. WiFi just got better with Eero and Luma; Credit card fine print; Winterize your home; Guide…
Clark Howard: 11.23.16 Podcasts November 24, 2016
BEST OF CLARK REPEAT. Costco car buying; Wells Fargo 401 lawsuit; First time homebuying; Holiday gas prices; Google Home
Clark Howard: 11.22.16 Podcasts November 23, 2016
BEST OF CLARK REPEAT. Marcus lending; yahoo breach; New site to save on buffet food; Healthcare price hike; Condo insurance
Clark Howard: 11.21.16 Podcasts November 22, 2016
BEST OF CLARK REPEAT. Index funds and simple investing; mini products are expensive; GM's new Mavon; Know your worth; new…
Clark Howard: 11.18.16 Podcasts November 19, 2016
Topics: Married to your smartphone; IRS scam ring busted; Credit score changes; Clark Stinks; New car key options
Clark Howard: 11.17.16 Podcasts November 18, 2016
Topics: Life expectancy and retirement; Illegal debt collection; Walking to work; New SoFi refi option; Buying furniture online
Clark Howard: 11.16.16 Podcasts November 17, 2016
Topics: Trusted websites for contractors; England bank hack; car sales; Making lame monkeys walk; Roadie is the Uber of shipping
Clark Howard: 11.15.16 Podcasts November 16, 2016
Topics: Trusted websites for contractors; England bank hack; car sales; Making lame monkeys walk; Roadie is the Uber of shipping
Clark Howard: 11.14.16 Podcasts November 15, 2016
Topics: Post election trade; Amazon refunding customers; Black Friday!; Holiday gas prices; New Google Home device
Clark Howard: 11.11.16 Podcasts November 12, 2016
Topics: How might energy policy change; Veterans day deals; Exploding Samsung washing machines; Clark Stinks; Fundamental Trump changes
Clark Howard: 11.10.16 Podcasts November 11, 2016
Topics: America and infrastructure spending; Yahoo breach; Payday loan ballot initiatives; Canadian immigration; Discount European airlines
Clark Howard: 11.09.16 Podcasts November 10, 2016
Topics: Stock market election reaction; Clark deals black friday; Future of healthcare; Trump on taxes; Minimum wage ballot initiatives
Clark Howard: 11.08.16 Podcasts November 9, 2016
Topics: Soda tax initiatives; big banks still taking federal money; nurses in demand; total wireless; LinkedIn now for high schoolers