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Download Episode 6.25.19 Consumer Reports car buying service; Social security imposter scams; Debit cards on campus Clark discusses the Consumer Reports car buying service…Read more
Download Episode 6.24.19 Apartment complexes lending money; Excessive hospital billing; Fintech tools to help elderly parents Some apartment complexes are now lending money to…Read more
Download Episode 6.22.19 Special Episode: Clark answers your investment and retirement planning questions From Clark: "I get so many investing questions…Read more
Download Episode 6.21.19 Americans growing more concerned about smart speakers; Clark Stinks Smart speakers seem to be losing some of…Read more
Download Episode 6.20.19 Bogus credit card fees; Privacy policies are impossible to read; Watch out for ‘scam’ health insurance plans Clark talks with David Lazarus of the LA…Read more
Download Episode 6.19.19 Facebook’s new cryptocurrenty – Libra; Buying Insulin in Canada; Climate initiative rollbacks Clark discusses what the new Facebook backed cryptocurrency…Read more
Download Episode 6.18.19 Discover eliminates banking fees; Google calendar scam; Cheaper grocery delivery Discover is eliminating all banking fees. Woo hoo!;…Read more
Download Episode 6.17.19 SIM card hijacking is a major problem; Drug manufacturers sue over pricing rule; Cars becoming safer Criminals are taking over your phone and stealing…Read more
Download Episode 6.14.19 Resort fees are outrageous but is taking a stance; Clark Stinks is attempting to crack down on resort…Read more
Download Episode 6.13.19 Samsung releasing cheaper phones; Timeshare exit company scams; Reverse mortgages are really bad Samsung is releasing a line of great phones…Read more
Download Episode 6.12.19 Dollar Tree raising prices; Massive issues with Zelle app; Facial recognition comes with privacy concerns Dollar Tree is having to raise prices in…Read more
Download Episode 6.11.19 Amazon offering a secured credit card; Burger King Impossible Burger snafu; Gas prices are dipping Amazon is offering a secured credit card for…Read more
Download Episode 6.10.19 Stopping cell phone robocalls; Quest labs data breach; Misleading broker labels The FCC has just made it easier for…Read more
Download Episode 6.7.19 What to do about uninsured motorist coverage; Clark Stinks What should you do about uninsured motorist coverage?…Read more
Download Episode 6.6.19 Reverse mortgages are awful; Teen credit card use; The high cost of basic medical care Reverse mortgages are incredibly costly and are a…Read more
Download Episode 6.5.19 Charter school offers incredible personal finance course; Wells Fargo shady brokers; Exercise makes people happy There's a charter school in a poor Philadelphia…Read more
Download Episode 6.4.19 Where the jobs are; Police donation scam; Credit card losses are piling up There are some new stats out on where…Read more
Download Episode 6.3.19 Prices now change constantly; debt settlement scams; How funerals are changing Prices are now in constant flux. Clark discusses…Read more
Download Episode 5.31.19 Is a Tesla cheaper than a Camry?; Pay TV is losing massive numbers of subscribers A Tesla is actually cheaper to own than…Read more
Download Episode 5.30.19 State licensing requirements are hurting competition; The scoop on rental car insurance Arizona is making it easier for people that…Read more
Download Episode 5.29.19 How to protect your business from ransomware; Redirecting your career post-layoff Small businesses are at high risk for ransomware…Read more
Download Episode 5.28.19 Do you need premium gas? Probably not; Few college grads know basic personal finance Lots of people are putting premium gas in…Read more
Download Episode 5.27.19 Facial recognition to speed up travel; Why annuities are so bad Cruise ship companies and airlines are starting to…Read more
Download Episode 5.24.19 New student loan borrowing rates: Clark Stinks Student loan borrowing rates have declined. Good news…Read more
Download Episode 5.23.19 Another school lunch issue arises; New Airbnb scam; Where to put your savings now A school cafeteria worker was fired for giving…Read more
Download Episode 5.22.19 Boeing Max future; Baltimore cyberattack; How tariffs are hurting retail Europe has placed certain demands on Boeing before…Read more
Download Episode 5.21.19 Mortgage rates are falling; FDA warning on dietary supplements; SAT’s new adversity score Mortgage rates are dropping. This is great if…Read more
Download Episode 5.20.19 Long-term care insurance; Name brands; One-day shipping Clark discusses the high cost of long-term care…Read more
Download Episode 5.17.19 Phone-addicted teens are getting burner phones; Clark Stinks Teens are buying burner phones to stay connected…Read more
Download Episode 5.16.19 Clark discusses his prostate cancer; Sneaky credit card surcharges; Soda taxes in Philly are lowering consumption Clark gives a positive update on the current…Read more
Download Episode 5.15.19 Major app and computer software hacked; Apple kicking apps off its app store; How tariffs will hurt Americans What's App was hacked and older versions of…Read more
Download Episode 5.14.19 Bike to work week; Alexa spying on kids; Travel bookings are lagging It's national Bike to work week. And electric…Read more
Download Episode 5.13.19 Tariffs and plunging stocks; Chobani pays off school lunch debt; Consumers can now sue Apple The stock market did not have a great…Read more
Download Episode 5.10.19 Auto makers getting into auto insurance; Clark Stinks As automobiles become increasingly autonomous, the nature of…Read more
Download Episode 5.9.19 Google making privacy changes; Packing more people into airplanes Google is making some changes to give you…Read more
Download Episode 5.8.19 New insane debt collection rules; Paypal & Venmo scams proliferate; One state is making it easier to work The CFPB has proposed new debt collection rules…Read more
Download Episode 5.7.19 Amazon/Walmart shipping wars; Beware new phone scam; Unlimited movies Amazon is switching to one-day Prime shipping and…Read more
Download Episode 5.6.19 Best short-term places for cash; Clark rages at Boeing; Uber/Lyft strike impacts Clark discusses the newest T-Mobile checking account that…Read more
Download Episode 5.3.19 How to handle buying travel insurance before a trip; Clark Stinks Travel insurance can be confusing. Clark talks about…Read more
Download Episode 5.2.19 Kroger is changing things up and lowering prices; Medicare knee brace scam; Avoid big banks for mortgages Kroger is lowering prices at its stores across…Read more
Download Episode 5.1.19 Getting a mortgage if you are self-employed; New-style payday lenders; Robot baristas are on the way Getting a mortgage is getting easier for self-employed…Read more
Download Episode 4.30.19 Auto insurance tracking; FDA and Canadian drugs; Congestion pricing to curb traffic Is it a good idea to let auto…Read more
Download Episode 4.29.19 Medical alert devices to consider; Online photos taken without consent; Getting rid of stuff Clark talks about the best medical devices to…Read more
Download Episode 4.26.19 How to quit smoking; Clark Stinks Clark used to smoke two packs of cigarettes…Read more
Download Episode 4.25.19 Lower your overall housing costs; FCC is bad at collecting robocall fines; You don’t own your medical records Housing is one of the biggest line items…Read more
Download Episode 4.24.19 Airfare deal website; Office Depot paying consumers post scandal; Biometrics in the workplace Clark talks about a cool new airfare deal…Read more
Download Episode 4.23.19 Hotel growth slowing; Craigslist car scam busted; Housing sizes on decline Hotels aren't doing so hot. Clark tells you…Read more
Download Episode 4.22.19 Which home improvements pay off?; Ponzi scheme busted; How to cut dental care costs Which home improvements make sense in order to…Read more
Download Episode 4.19.19 Some companies are paying you to unplug while on vacation; Clark Stinks You should take all of your vacation time.…Read more
Download Episode 4.18.19 Google AI helping law enforcement solve crimes; Rock n Play recall; CVS catering healthcare towards wellness Google has artificial intelligence that is helping law…Read more
Download Episode 4.17.19 Best and cheapest interior paint; Law enforcement spoofing; Why timeshares are so bad It turns out that some of the best…Read more
Download Episode 4.16.19 5G rollouts are actually happening; Car dealerships make most of their profit with add-ons and extras AT&T is rolling out 5G in more cities.…Read more
Download Episode 4.15.19 Cars that stop you from speeding; Anonymously shop around for mortgage rates The EU is working towards all new cars…Read more
Download Episode 4.12.19 Airline improvements and how to get customer service when an issue arises; Clark Stinks Clark talks about which airlines are currently rated…Read more
Download Episode 4.11.19 Getting cheap greeting cards; Counterfeit goods online; Your hidden online trust score Greeting cards are becoming less popular in general.…Read more
Download Episode 4.10.19 Walmart robots; Don’t forget about IRS Free File; Cheap flights and consumer deals Walmart has some fascinating robots that scrub floors…Read more
Download Episode 4.9.19 Infant sleeping device warning; Ponzi scheme wire fraud; Watch out when shopping for health insurance The Rock n' play sleeper has led to…Read more
Download Episode 4.8.19 What you need to know about Real ID; Elder insurance fraud; Pre-paid card protections Real ID is being implemented next year. Clark…Read more
Download Episode 4.5.19 Americans are borrowing money to pay for healthcare costs; Clark Stinks Americans eschew certain healthcare procedures to cut costs…Read more
Download Episode 4.4.19 Americans running up credit card balances; New cell phone scam; Burger King to offer Impossible Burgers Credit card balances and interest rates have ballooned…Read more
Download Episode 4.3.19 Airline software meltdown; GA Tech data breach; Stay safe when taking Lyft and Uber Clark says that there is a message for…Read more
Download Episode 4.2.19 Schwab changes the game on investing advice fees; Bottled water; Car congestion tax Schwab's new Netflixesque pricing for financial advice will…Read more
Download Episode 4.1.19 Best customer service companies; Health insurers tracking you; Where scams happen most frequently Clark discusses which companies have the best customer…Read more
Download Episode 3.29.19 Here are the benefits that employees really want; Clark Stinks A new study details the benefits that employees…Read more
Download Episode 3.28.19 How adults with kids hurt their retirement savings; Financial infidelity; Best time to sell your home Adults with kids are having to delay quitting…Read more
Download Episode 3.27.19 Venmo going after users; Puppy scams; Protecting your internet accounts Venmo is taking money from user's PayPal accounts…Read more
Download Episode 3.26.19 Is a recession coming?; Facebook password breach; Organic food costs Recession changes are being hotly debated right now.…Read more
Download Episode 3.25.19 Mortgage rates declining; Heartless airlines; Gas tax hike likely Mortgage rates have been doing down. Some mortgage…Read more
Download Episode 3.22.19 Free tax prep and your privacy; Clark Stinks Free tax preparation services might be offering you…Read more
Download Episode 3.21.19 Apps and subscriptions to lower entertainment costs; Expensive 403b plans; Apple releasing a credit card The NY Mets have created a subscription service…Read more
Download Episode 3.20.19 Watch March Madness for free; Manufacturing is coming back to the US You can watch the NCAA tournament for free.…Read more
Download Episode 3.19.19 Your digital life after death; Virtual kidnapping scams; The current state of tax fraud What happens to your digital life after you…Read more
Download Episode 3.18.19 Trouble saving for retirement; Bad 529 plans; Home ownership on the rise Most Americans have trouble saving for retirement. And…Read more
Download Episode 3.15.19 Well-known money advice guru ran ponzi scheme; Clark Stinks Former "Money answer man" Jordan Goodman was running…Read more
Download Episode 3.14.19 Zebit CFO responds to Clark; Fee-laden target retirement funds; Renovation scams Zebit sells electronics items to people with low…Read more
Download Episode 3.13.19 College bribery scandal; Dollar Tree raising prices; Boeing Max planes grounded The college bribery scandal is a sad thing…Read more
Download Episode 3.12.19 Watch out for this shopping website; Wells Fargo remains unchanged; Battles against Airbnb rage on Zebit claims to offer people with no credit…Read more
Download Episode 3.11.19 Boeing jet crash effects; College data breach; Clark loves daylight savings time Clark talks about the terrible Boeing jet crashes…Read more
Download Episode 3.8.19 Sell, donate, or recycle used goods; Privacy battles over home security cameras Clark discusses the best ways to sell, donate,…Read more
Download Episode 3.7.19 How and when to buy travel insurance; Deactivating Facebook makes you happier Clark gives a primer on how and when…Read more
Download Episode 3.6.19 Watch out for less generous homeowner’s insurance policies; Smartphone sales are in decline One couple sued State Farm over slashing benefits.…Read more
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