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Download Episode 1.20.21 Annuity options will soon be available in your 401k; As streaming prices rise, how you can pay less Clark is not a fan of annuities. But…Read more
Download Episode 1.19.21 High shipping costs lead to generous return policies; Buy now & pay later grows in popularity Bigger retailers like Amazon and Walmart are letting…Read more
Download Episode 1.19.21 High shipping costs lead to generous return policies; Buy now & pay later grows in popularity Bigger retailers like Amazon and Walmart are letting…Read more
Download Episode 1.18.21 How to file your taxes for FREE; The best online banks you should consider having an account with Clark discusses how most people can file their…Read more
Download Episode 1.15.21 Why some borrowers are missing out on student loan forgiveness; Clark Stinks Some borrowers aren't getting their student loans forgiven…Read more
Download Episode 1.14.21 The jobs recovery has stalled out; Clark’s take on Bitcoin’s volatile ride The newest jobs report was not looking very…Read more
Download Episode 1.13.21 How to get fewer annoying robocalls + The appliance shortage is still raging Robocalls are the worst! And it feels like…Read more
Download Episode The FAFSA gets simplified + Parental guilt causes financial insecurity by taking out PLUS loans There will be some major changes to the…Read more
Download Episode 1.12.21 The FAFSA gets simplified + Parental guilt causes financial insecurity by taking out PLUS loans There will be some major changes to the…Read more
Download Episode Saving big on monthly expenses in 2021 + The high cost of food delivery Clark believes that if you take some important…Read more
Download Episode 1.11.21 Saving big on monthly expenses in 2021 + The high cost of food delivery Clark believes that if you take some important…Read more
Download Episode What’s happening with minimum wage increases + Clark Stinks New minimum wage laws are going into effect…Read more
Download Episode Why you need to avoid spending too much on transportation in your budget New car prices have shot through the roof…Read more
Download Episode Where to go if you haven’t received your stimulus money + How increased unemployment compensation is going to work There's a new spot on the IRS website…Read more
Download Episode How to save more on what you pay for housing + Clark answers your questions about refinancing and getting a mortgage Housing is typically the biggest line item in…Read more
Download Episode How to actually achieve your money goals this year + Clark talks about his history A lot of people are setting New Year's…Read more
Download Episode What to do with leftover FSA funds; How your personality affects your savings habit Haven't spent all your FSA dollars? Clark talks…Read more
Download Episode 12.31.20 Best used cars under $5k; How to get cheaper hearing aids Consumer Reports has just released its list of…Read more
Download Episode 12.30.20 Dollar stores are getting fancy; Even small amounts of exercise can make a big difference There are some newer and fancier dollar stores…Read more
Download Episode 12.29.20 How to combat our recycling issues; HP ends “free ink for life” plan Recycling isn't working out very well right now.…Read more
Download Episode 12.28.20 Most reliable used cars; Why you shouldn’t buy gift cards right now There's a new list of the most reliable…Read more
Download Episode 12.25.20 Parents are clueless about tobacco and e-cig usage; Americans are worried about government tracking Parents tend to not know when their kids…Read more
Download Episode 12.24.20 Shopping online vs. shopping in stores; Moving could drastically cut your income Clark discusses the benefits of each. Curbside pickup…Read more
Download Episode 12.23.20 Comcast imposes data caps; Spying on your kid while they are driving Clark is not a fan of the new…Read more
Download Episode 12.22.20 How to tell if clothing was made for a factory outlet; Tough times create better savers Some items are made specifically for factory outlet…Read more
Download Episode 12.21.20 Apartment renting in the virtual world; Which banks rank the highest in customer satisfaction? Renting an apartment has changed because of Covid.…Read more
Download Episode 12.18.20 Transitioning to clean energy and EV’s; Clark Stinks Clark talks about the transition to clean energy…Read more
Download Episode 12.17.20 Making more as a gig worker; Ditching high-cost mutual funds Clark talks about which delivery services pay gig…Read more
Download Episode 12.16.20 Disney+ raising prices; Rent a timeshare to save on your next vacation Disney+ is looking to add more content while…Read more
Download Episode 12.15.20 Last minute Christmas deals; How a massive federal data breach impacts you Clark talks about some of the best sales…Read more
Download Episode 12.14.20 Healthcare signup deadline; Vaccine scam warning If you need healthcare in 2021, the deadline…Read more
Download Episode 12.11.20 Store credit cards are awful – avoid them; Clark Stinks Store credit cards can be poison for your…Read more
Download Episode 12.10.20 Don’t save for retirement in a savings account; GM opens an electric vehicle plant Half of Americans are saving for retirement in…Read more
Download Episode 12.9.20 The IRS has 1 million unprocessed tax returns; Travel insurance may now cover Covid The IRS has a major backlog of unprocessed…Read more
Download Episode 12.8.20 Christmas shipping is getting messy; Covid is changing college in a big way There's a shipping logjam and it doesn't bode…Read more
Download Episode 12.7.20 Watch out for this Amazon Prime scam; Student loan payment freeze extended Scammers are targeting Amazon Prime members specifically in…Read more
Download Episode 12.4.20 Tesla Model S no longer recommended by Consumer Reports; Clark Stinks Consumer Reports has detailed some of the problems…Read more
Download Episode 12.3.20 Does it pay to install solar?; Divvy rent to own homes is expanding A recent article in Wired detailed a solar…Read more
Download Episode 12.2.20 Delta to block middle seats through March; State and local government layoffs coming Clark's wife is going to fly on a…Read more
Download Episode 12.1.20 Vetting charities on Giving Tuesday; Vaccine news is causing Americans to spend Clark talks about how to make your generosity…Read more
Download Episode 11.30.20 Cyber Monday deals abound; Look out for these Holiday scams Clark talks about the best deals that are…Read more
Download Episode 11.27.20 Hulu raises the price of live TV streaming…again; Beware “Trumpcare” health options Hulu is charging more for its live TV…Read more
Download Episode 11.26.20 Chocolate & Peloton are hot commodities right now; Painless ways to save more right now Chocolate and workout equipment are being consumed in…Read more
Download Episode 11.25.20 Clark’s credit card number was stolen; Americans are saving a lot Clark tells the story of his credit card…Read more
Download Episode 11.24.20 Walmart and others tighten Covid policies; Digital license plates Many major retailers are ramping up their Covid…Read more
Download Episode 11.23.20 Your TV is spying on you; How companies are combating worker burnout Advertisers want the ability to target audiences better…Read more
Download Episode 11.20.20 GM to offer car insurance based on driving habits; Clark Stinks General Motors is set to offer insurance to…Read more
Download Episode 11.19.20 Apple announces changes to app store pricing; Black Friday deals abound Apple will be reducing fees for smaller companies…Read more
Download Episode 11.18.20 Amazon launches an online pharmacy; The Boeing Max is returning to the skies Clark gives the details on Amazon's new online…Read more
Download Episode 11.17.20 Surprise bills for Covid tests; Google Photos ends lifetime free storage People are receiving unexpected bills just for getting…Read more
Download Episode 11.16.20 Moderna vaccine buoys hopes; Picking the right health plan during open enrollment Preliminary data from the Moderna trials show that…Read more
Download Episode 11.13.20 Grocery stores limiting purchase quantities; Clark Stinks Major grocery stores are starting to limit quantities…Read more
Download Episode 11.12.20 Credit card companies are offering majorly high sign-up bonuses; Rents rising in the burbs The major credit card companies like American Express…Read more
Download Episode 11.11.20 California voters turn down higher business taxes; Scammers target people running out of money California is a notoriously high tax state. But…Read more
Download Episode 11.10.20 Veterans Day and the deals happening tomorrow; Clark’s Christmas Kids Clark talks about celebrating our veterans and also…Read more
Download Episode 11.9.20 The impact a Covid vaccine will have on the economy; Holiday hotel deals Promising vaccine news has caused the stock market…Read more
Download Episode 11.6.20 The US is poised for a big economic recovery in 2021; Clark Stinks It looks like 2021 will be a year…Read more
Download Episode 11.5.20 Stock market soars with divided election results; Important ballot measure results across America Rates for savers and borrowers are going down…Read more
Download Episode 11.4.20 The appliance repair industry is booming; Credit card companies are soliciting new customers As people are spending more time in their…Read more
Download Episode 11.3.20 Cruise lines can sail again; Labor department bans ESG investing Cruise ships are now allowed to sail again,…Read more
Download Episode 11.2.20 Debt collectors can now reach you through social media; HSA rules for 2021 Debt collectors will now be allowed to contact…Read more
Download Episode 10.30.20 How to pick a contractor when renovating; Clark Stinks People are spending meaningful amounts of money to…Read more
Download Episode 10.29.20 Tax bracket changes; 30-40 million Americans facing eviction Clark discusses the tax bracket changes for 2020…Read more
Download Episode 10.28.20 Stock market selloff; T-Mobile’s new streaming offering + Boost cuts cell plan price again The stock market is having a tough day.…Read more
Download Episode 10.27.20 How to handle student loans in 2021; Where you can travel now + middle seat restrictions In the absence of political action, people with…Read more
Download Episode 10.26.20 What will happen to oil & gas?; Cable data caps burn people working from home What will happen to oil and gas as…Read more
Download Episode 10.23.20 Why you should use all your vacation days; Clark Stinks As we get closer to the end of…Read more
Download Episode 10.22.20 What you need to know about open enrollment; How to sell your old cell phone Open enrollment starts in early November. Clark tells…Read more
Download Episode 10.21.20 Scam election emails; Fake reviews plague major websites Scam emails are flooding inboxes as we draw…Read more
Download Episode 10.20.20 Justice department sues Google; What’s happening with the economy right now? The major tech companies are in hot water…Read more
Download Episode 10.19.20 The jobs in high demand; Boeing Max returning to the skies Some jobs are actually in high demand right…Read more
Download Episode 10.16.20 When the best Black Friday deals are coming; Clark Stinks Walmart has just announced its Black Friday plans.…Read more
Download Episode 10.15.20 Small business optimism; Rents are rising in the suburbs Small businesses are more optimistic. Some of this…Read more
Download Episode 10.14.20 The airlines are losing massive amounts of money; Protecting your brokerage account Delta Airlines just announced that they lost over…Read more
Download Episode 10.13.20 The election & your investments; Tax breaks for working from home How should the upcoming election change your investments?…Read more
Download Episode 10.12.20 Robinhood disastrous account hacking; New PPP loan forgiveness form Investing app Robinhood has acknowledged that some of…Read more
Download Episode 10.9.20 The skinny on meal delivery kits; Clark Stinks Clark has discussed grocery delivery and curbside pickups,…Read more
Download Episode 10.8.20 Southwest wants pay cuts, not layoffs; Beware payroll advance apps Southwest asks employees to accept pay cuts to…Read more
Download Episode 10.7.20 Why you should get the flu shot; When the Holiday deals are happening Clark discusses the importance of getting a flu…Read more
Download Episode 10.6.20 New Verizon home internet option; The impact of Trump’s Covid diagnosis Verizon has a new offering that will help…Read more
Download Episode 10.5.20 Census bureau report about widening income gap; New credit card doesn’t look at your credit score Roughly 80% of Americans have less purchasing power…Read more