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Download Episode 11.30.20 Cyber Monday deals abound; Look out for these Holiday scams Clark talks about the best deals that are…Read more
Download Episode 11.27.20 Hulu raises the price of live TV streaming…again; Beware “Trumpcare” health options Hulu is charging more for its live TV…Read more
Download Episode 11.26.20 Chocolate & Peloton are hot commodities right now; Painless ways to save more right now Chocolate and workout equipment are being consumed in…Read more
Download Episode 11.26.20 Chocolate & Peloton are hot commodities right now; Painless ways to save more right now Chocolate and workout equipment are being consumed in…Read more
Download Episode 11.26.20 Chocolate & Peloton are hot commodities right now; Painless ways to save more right now Chocolate and workout equipment are being consumed in…Read more
Download Episode 11.26.20 Chocolate & Peloton are hot commodities right now; Painless ways to save more right now Chocolate and workout equipment are being consumed in…Read more
Download Episode 11.25.20 Clark’s credit card number was stolen; Americans are saving a lot Clark tells the story of his credit card…Read more
Download Episode 11.24.20 Walmart and others tighten Covid policies; Digital license plates Many major retailers are ramping up their Covid…Read more
Download Episode 11.23.20 Your TV is spying on you; How companies are combating worker burnout Advertisers want the ability to target audiences better…Read more
Download Episode 11.20.20 GM to offer car insurance based on driving habits; Clark Stinks General Motors is set to offer insurance to…Read more
Download Episode 11.19.20 Apple announces changes to app store pricing; Black Friday deals abound Apple will be reducing fees for smaller companies…Read more
Download Episode 11.18.20 Amazon launches an online pharmacy; The Boeing Max is returning to the skies Clark gives the details on Amazon's new online…Read more
Download Episode 11.17.20 Surprise bills for Covid tests; Google Photos ends lifetime free storage People are receiving unexpected bills just for getting…Read more
Download Episode 11.16.20 Moderna vaccine buoys hopes; Picking the right health plan during open enrollment Preliminary data from the Moderna trials show that…Read more
Download Episode 11.13.20 Grocery stores limiting purchase quantities; Clark Stinks Major grocery stores are starting to limit quantities…Read more
Download Episode 11.12.20 Credit card companies are offering majorly high sign-up bonuses; Rents rising in the burbs The major credit card companies like American Express…Read more
Download Episode 11.11.20 California voters turn down higher business taxes; Scammers target people running out of money California is a notoriously high tax state. But…Read more
Download Episode 11.10.20 Veterans Day and the deals happening tomorrow; Clark’s Christmas Kids Clark talks about celebrating our veterans and also…Read more
Download Episode 11.9.20 The impact a Covid vaccine will have on the economy; Holiday hotel deals Promising vaccine news has caused the stock market…Read more
Download Episode 11.6.20 The US is poised for a big economic recovery in 2021; Clark Stinks It looks like 2021 will be a year…Read more
Download Episode 11.5.20 Stock market soars with divided election results; Important ballot measure results across America Rates for savers and borrowers are going down…Read more
Download Episode 11.4.20 The appliance repair industry is booming; Credit card companies are soliciting new customers As people are spending more time in their…Read more
Download Episode 11.3.20 Cruise lines can sail again; Labor department bans ESG investing Cruise ships are now allowed to sail again,…Read more
Download Episode 11.2.20 Debt collectors can now reach you through social media; HSA rules for 2021 Debt collectors will now be allowed to contact…Read more
Download Episode 10.30.20 How to pick a contractor when renovating; Clark Stinks People are spending meaningful amounts of money to…Read more
Download Episode 10.29.20 Tax bracket changes; 30-40 million Americans facing eviction Clark discusses the tax bracket changes for 2020…Read more
Download Episode 10.28.20 Stock market selloff; T-Mobile’s new streaming offering + Boost cuts cell plan price again The stock market is having a tough day.…Read more
Download Episode 10.27.20 How to handle student loans in 2021; Where you can travel now + middle seat restrictions In the absence of political action, people with…Read more
Download Episode 10.26.20 What will happen to oil & gas?; Cable data caps burn people working from home What will happen to oil and gas as…Read more
Download Episode 10.23.20 Why you should use all your vacation days; Clark Stinks As we get closer to the end of…Read more
Download Episode 10.22.20 What you need to know about open enrollment; How to sell your old cell phone Open enrollment starts in early November. Clark tells…Read more
Download Episode 10.21.20 Scam election emails; Fake reviews plague major websites Scam emails are flooding inboxes as we draw…Read more
Download Episode 10.20.20 Justice department sues Google; What’s happening with the economy right now? The major tech companies are in hot water…Read more
Download Episode 10.19.20 The jobs in high demand; Boeing Max returning to the skies Some jobs are actually in high demand right…Read more
Download Episode 10.16.20 When the best Black Friday deals are coming; Clark Stinks Walmart has just announced its Black Friday plans.…Read more
Download Episode 10.15.20 Small business optimism; Rents are rising in the suburbs Small businesses are more optimistic. Some of this…Read more
Download Episode 10.14.20 The airlines are losing massive amounts of money; Protecting your brokerage account Delta Airlines just announced that they lost over…Read more
Download Episode 10.13.20 The election & your investments; Tax breaks for working from home How should the upcoming election change your investments?…Read more
Download Episode 10.12.20 Robinhood disastrous account hacking; New PPP loan forgiveness form Investing app Robinhood has acknowledged that some of…Read more
Download Episode 10.9.20 The skinny on meal delivery kits; Clark Stinks Clark has discussed grocery delivery and curbside pickups,…Read more
Download Episode 10.8.20 Southwest wants pay cuts, not layoffs; Beware payroll advance apps Southwest asks employees to accept pay cuts to…Read more
Download Episode 10.7.20 Why you should get the flu shot; When the Holiday deals are happening Clark discusses the importance of getting a flu…Read more
Download Episode 10.6.20 New Verizon home internet option; The impact of Trump’s Covid diagnosis Verizon has a new offering that will help…Read more
Download Episode 10.5.20 Census bureau report about widening income gap; New credit card doesn’t look at your credit score Roughly 80% of Americans have less purchasing power…Read more
Download Episode 10.2.20 PPP loan forgiveness gets underway; Clark Stinks Small business owners that took out PPP loans…Read more
Download Episode 10.1.20 Teachers are underpaid; Fake debt collectors A new report finds that teachers are paid…Read more
Download Episode 9.30.20 Massive layoffs at Disney and the airlines; Where to turn for health insurance after job loss The airlines are set to lay off tens…Read more
Download Episode 9.29.20 Supermarkets are stocked for Fall; How to negotiate rent with your landlord Supermarkets are stocking up before Fall hits in…Read more
Download Episode 9.28.20 Voters are less divided than our politicians; Amazon Prime Day + Ring drone camera Americans are actually less divided than our elected…Read more
Download Episode 9.25.20 Cheaper batteries are lowering energy costs; Clark Stinks Tesla is leading the charge towards cheaper batteries.…Read more
Download Episode 9.24.20 Housing market inventory is crazy low, driving up prices; Car insurance claim estimator Fewer Americans are listing their homes for sale.…Read more
Download Episode 9.23.20 New independent contractor rule; Southwest companion pass offer A new rule gives employers more leeway when…Read more
Download Episode 9.22.20 What to do with overwhelming hospital bills; How small businesses are faring Clark discusses how to handle overwhelming hospital bills.…Read more
Download Episode 9.21.20 Fighting back against an unlawful eviction; Walmart raising pay There is a federal moratorium on evicting tenants…Read more
Download Episode 9.18.20 Why delaying social security payments is so important; Clark Stinks A lot of Americans opt to take social…Read more
Download Episode 9.17.20 The telemedicine boom; Good news for job seekers Telemedicine is taking off right now. And it's…Read more
Download Episode 9.16.20 Employees love working from home, but many employers don’t love it; Football is back! Stats show that Americans who have been able…Read more
Download Episode 9.15.20 Americans are saving more right now; USPS prescription delivery delays Many Americans who can are saving more of…Read more
Download Episode 9.14.20 The wildfires in California; The cell phone price wars intensify Clark talks about what has led to the…Read more
Download Episode 9.11.20 Special Edition: Navigating Your Finances in the Pandemic Economy Clark talks about how the economy has changed…Read more
Download Episode 9.10.20 Christmas sales in October; The used car shortage Retailers are likely to start offering bargains earlier…Read more
Download Episode 9.9.20 Mint Mobile launches cheap unlimited cell plan; FedEx is hiring If you need unlimited data, Mint Mobile just…Read more
Download Episode 9.8.20 The unbalanced stock market; How the eviction moratorium works The stock market has started to experience some…Read more
Download Episode 9.7.20 New car recall tool; Dollar stores become more popular as consumers are still hurting NHTSA has released a new free app that…Read more
Download Episode 9.4.20 Walmart Plus takes aim at Amazon Prime; Clark Stinks Walmart Plus just launched with a $98 annual…Read more
Download Episode 9.3.20 Why you should wait to buy an iPhone; States are having financial difficulties Apple will be releasing 5G iPhones in the…Read more
Download Episode 9.2.20 Federal reserve won’t worry about inflation; Companies forbid employees to talk about Covid diagnosis The Federal reserve has signaled that it won't…Read more
Download Episode 9.1.20 Executive order confusion and stimulus package progress; More airlines drop change fees + flying cars Clark talks about how the executive orders are…Read more
Download Episode 8.31.20 Clark talks prostate cancer and improving your eating habits; United scraps ticket change fees Clark was diagnosed with prostate cancer over a…Read more
Download Episode 8.28.20 Now is an ideal rate to shop around for car/home insurance; Clark Stinks Insurance companies are raking in the profit right…Read more
Download Episode 8.27.20 New refinance fee postponed; Why freezing your credit is SO important now The new refi fee that Clark talked about…Read more
Download Episode 8.26.20 Knowing your home’s flood risk; Rip-off schools is a great website that can help…Read more
Download Episode 8.25.20 IRS to stop sending tax notices for now; Schwab’s new free planning tool IRS will stop sending tax notices for now…Read more
Download Episode 8.24.20 Zoom crash this morning + alternatives; The K-shaped look of the economic recovery Zoom experienced a big crash this morning on…Read more
Download Episode 8.21.20 Click & collect is the present and the future; Clark Stinks Retailers like Target are crushing it right now…Read more
Download Episode 8.20.20 Amazon’s sale of faulty goods; What’s up with the next stimulus bill? A court has just ruled that Amazon can…Read more
Download Episode 8.19.20 Stock market reaches new highs; Flexible leases are more common The stock market has fully rebounded since its…Read more
Download Episode 8.18.20 New fees for refinancing; Apple & Google’s monopolistic tendencies Mortgage refinancing just got more expensive thanks to…Read more
Download Episode 8.17.20 What’s happening with the post office?; Student loan executive order details + a new proposal for student loan forgiveness There are some big issues with the postal…Read more
Download Episode 8.14.20 Cutting items from your budget to save more; Clark Stinks Clark encourages people to look over their spending…Read more
Download Episode 8.13.20 iBonds could be a great savings vehicle; Grocery shortages With rates dropping quickly for savers, iBonds could…Read more