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Download Episode 1.22.20 Internet privacy law for minors; Paper check fraud grows; Socially responsible investing Other than recent initiatives in California, the U.S.…Read more
Download Episode 1.21.20 Natural gas prices plummet; Restore faith in Capitalism; Hottest job markets In some states people are able to shop…Read more
Download Episode 1.20.20 Even wealthy Americans struggling with debt; What to know about store closings and liquidation sales A Bankrate survey has found that of those…Read more
Download Episode 1.17.20 Cars that people keep at least 15 years; Clark Stinks Vehicles are one of the largest purchases in…Read more
Download Episode 1.16.20 Grandparent scam; Retirement account hacking; Homeowner’s insurance rates rising A senior gets a call from someone pretending…Read more
Download Episode 1.15.20 New CA privacy law impacts; Windows security patch; Smile Direct Club issues Many younger adults have no expectation of privacy.…Read more
Download Episode 1.14.20 Is college worth it?; Honey browser extension rocks; Clark discusses P2P lending profits In November Clark reported on the anti-college mindset…Read more
Download Episode 1.13.20 Employers paying you to relocate; Former Boeing CEO’s insane payday; Verizon ditches TV contracts A large percent of publicly traded companies are losing…Read more
Download Episode 1.10.20 Small business loans are fraught with pitfalls; Clark Stinks Since the Truth in Lending Act does not…Read more
Download Episode 1.9.20 Big discounts in January; Free file your taxes; CA privacy law ripple affects for you There's a heavy wave of discounts this January…Read more
Download Episode 1.8.20 Travel deals & paying too much for internet; Teacher retirement plans; Be careful paying at the pump January bring a LOT of travel deals. Clark…Read more
Download Episode 1.7.20 New retirement account changes; 2020 scam to watch out for; Returns are crushing retailers Congress just passed the SECURE Act which modifies…Read more
Download Episode 1.6.20 Upside down vehicle loans stink; Door to door investment salespeople; Lemonade insurance expands research covering the first 9 months of…Read more
Download Episode 1.3.20 The impact of running even just a little; The most reliable vehicles The CDC reports a massive decline in the…Read more
Download Episode 1.2.20 Finding a free ATM; Beware bogus side hustles 2 months ago Clark shared a Bankrate survey…Read more
Download Episode 1.1.20 Healthier snack options; Buying a money-saving car Some workplaces now have the open vending room,…Read more
Download Episode 12.31.19 Planning a cheap ski vacation; Why credit unions rock Snow skiing is a very expensive hobby. There…Read more
Download Episode 12.30.19 How to get great customer service; College degrees that earn the most If you have a need to call customer…Read more
Download Episode 12.27.19 Americans are moving less; Healthcare costs are a major American concern Historically, 1 in 5 Americans move each year.…Read more
Download Episode 12.26.19 Compelling electric vehicles; Save $1000 challenge for 2020 Coming next year: the electric Ford Mustang SUV…Read more
Download Episode 12.25.19 Car subscriptions services; Making money online People have become comfortable subscribing to most anything.…Read more
Download Episode 12.24.19 Senior citizens and student living together; Tech companies enter banking sphere One Minnesota senior living center is renting out…Read more
Download Episode 12.23.19 Google Flights to save on travel; Don’t carry these things in your wallet Google has the most sophisticated search tool for…Read more
Download Episode 12.20.19 Retailers using secret consumer scores; Clark Stinks Retailers now use third party data services to…Read more
Download Episode 12.19.19 Commission-free investing; Social security scams; Getting rid of a timeshare In Clark's almost 33 years on the air,…Read more
Download Episode 12.18.19 Budgeting apps rock; Social media casting calls; Tap water safety A week out from Christmas, many have put…Read more
Download Episode 12.17.19 Fast food breakfast wars; Elderly scams; Streaming local stations for free with Locast 2020 will bring deals on breakfast. More people…Read more
Download Episode 12.16.19 Jobs that don’t require a college degree; Lending money to friends; New dental technology So many are languishing in low paying jobs,…Read more
Download Episode 12.13.19 Apps for buying local; Clark Stinks Clark discusses some newer apps that help you…Read more
Download Episode 12.12.19 Emerging jobs to consider; Avoiding fund mistakes when investing LinkedIn has published a list of the top…Read more
Download Episode 12.11.19 Clark gets customer no service; Healthcare scam; Christmas spirit stories Clark NEVER ever settles a personal score in…Read more
Download Episode 12.10.19 How to return items; Wells Fargo is awful; End of year tax help The lines for returns start Dec. 26. Often…Read more
Download Episode 12.9.19 Unemployment is low but so is pay; Tipping during the Holidays Clark discusses the current economic situation. Unemployment is…Read more
Download Episode 12.6.19 Big travel deals around the corner; Clark Stinks Next year we’ll see many great airfare bargains…Read more
Download Episode 12.5.19 Stopping robocalls; Public pension problems; Deterring porch pirates One recent study reports a record 5.7 billion…Read more
Download Episode 12.4.19 Riskier consumer loans; Stop unplugging things; Unsafe toy list It’s estimated 1 in 5 U.S. adults has…Read more
Download Episode 12.3.19 Fake reviews online; Gift cards are awful; Revolutionary recycling techniques There’s been a huge increase in the number…Read more
Download Episode 12.2.19 Clark tells his Black Friday experience; Personal loans for presents!?; Tenant screening goes futuristic Stores were not crowded on Black Friday this…Read more
Download Episode 11.29.19 Credit Karma bank account; Avoid cable modem monthly fees We get many calls about online banks. Last…Read more
Download Episode 11.28.19 How Clark would fix healthcare; Americans are saving more Clark promised recently to convey the key components…Read more
Download Episode 11.27.19 Lowest cost of living cities; Beware online micro-loans has published a new survey on the…Read more
Download Episode 11.26.19 Is plant-based meat tasty?; Make your smartphone last longer Clark loves the Impossible Burger - not a…Read more
Download Episode 11.25.19 Workers fleeing big cities; Avoid this health insurance with terrible coverage Even with solid education, skills and jobs, it's…Read more
Download Episode 11.22.19 When to use a travel agent when booking travel; Clark Stinks Travel agents are a thing of the past,…Read more
Download Episode 11.21.19 T-Mobile home internet adds competition; Juice jacking invades public charging ports; Five Below raises prices Home internet has been way too expensive without…Read more
Download Episode 11.20.19 Amazon expands free music; Buckle up this holiday season; Nursing home abuse tool Clark has a Spotify family plan. $15 a…Read more
Download Episode 11.19.19 Wire transfer warning; No Christmas decorations!; Dollar Tree FDA warning According to the FBI, wire transfer fraud is growing…Read more
Download Episode 11.18.19 Healthcare price transparency; Gift exchange scam; Black Friday preview The Trump administration has issued rules that has…Read more
Download Episode 11.15.19 Carry-on bag warning; Clark Stinks Many fly only during the holiday period near…Read more
Download Episode 11.14.19 Google gets into medical records; Designer purse lawsuit; iBuyer companies great for consumers Google’s Project Nightingale is a huge initiative by…Read more
Download Episode 11.13.19 New privacy law and your data; Fake Costco coupon; Real ID law info California passed a law that is having national…Read more
Download Episode 11.12.19 Managing a Waffle House; AT&T forces price increase; Scaling back on Christmas purchases Waffle House has been in the news lately!One…Read more
Download Episode 11.12.19 Managing a Waffle House; AT&T forces price increase; Scaling back on Christmas purchases Waffle House has been in the news lately!One…Read more
Download Episode 11.12.19 Managing a Waffle House; AT&T forces price increase; Scaling back on Christmas purchases Waffle House has been in the news lately!One…Read more
Download Episode 11.11.19 Veteran’s Day; Disturbing Boeing revelations; Best streaming TV deals Clark comes from an immigrant family. All 4…Read more
Download Episode 11.8.19 How screen time affects your kids brain; Clark Stinks A new study shows that the effects of…Read more
Download Episode 11.7.19 Employers offering more freedom; How to refi student loans The FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early) movement was…Read more
Download Episode 11.6.19 Credit score help for licensed professionals; Krispy Kreme follow-up; Cancelling subscriptions Roughly 20% of American adults have no credit…Read more
Download Episode 11.5.19 Stay in your home longer; Krispy Kreme stops college-age entrepreneur; Ford to update vehicles over internet Clark recommends a minimum ownership cycle of 7…Read more
Download Episode 11.4.19 USPS address change scams; FDA romaine lettuce debacle; Major issues with Airbnb ID theft criminals are entering post offices with…Read more
Download Episode 11.1.19 New poll helps you plan your Christmas shopping; Clark Stinks ClarkDeals has created a new poll that reveals…Read more
Download Episode 10.31.19 Best HSA providers; New TX 403b law is terrible for teachers; Student loan regrets Clark talks about the best places to open…Read more
Download Episode 10.30.19 Economic growth is slowing; Predatory online installment loans; Grocery delivery Clark discusses the fed rate cut and how…Read more
Download Episode 10.29.19 Open enrollment info; Creepy new interview technology; Cutting real estate agent fees Open enrollment is near for corporate workers and…Read more
Download Episode 10.28.19 Affordable housing; Deals for first responders; Take your vacation time! Affordable housing is in short supply in the…Read more
Download Episode 10.25.19 Electronic wills are becoming legal in states across the country; Clark Stinks More people would be willing to create a…Read more
Download Episode 10.24.19 Non-compete clauses are awful; Moviepass STILL charging people money; Drone delivery Two US Senators have introduced legislation to get…Read more
Download Episode 10.23.19 Delaying school start times; Apple parental controls; Hackers invading online shopping carts California has passed legislation to delay school start…Read more
Download Episode 10.22.19 New Walmart health centers; Equifax PIN update; Will the Boeing Max fly soon? Walmart is launching new healthcare centers around the…Read more
Download Episode 10.21.19 Commute times hit record high; More reasons to beware of full commission stock brokers; Warning for joint account holders Americans are doing record time on the roads…Read more
Download Episode 10.18.19 Scammers are finding it easier to dupe people on internet marketplaces; Clark Stinks The BBB has issued a new scam warning.…Read more
Download Episode 10.17.19 Businesses want to use chat technology with you; Medical images leaked online; Happiest states in America The U.S. has lagged behind in 'conversational commerce'…Read more
Download Episode 10.16.19 Cell phone plan deals; 401k early withdrawal changes; Financial advice for different generations Of the 4 major cell carriers, Verizon, AT&T,…Read more
Download Episode 10.15.19 Big strides in renewable energy; What to call fake meat?; Cost of cars over time There are now more people working in wind…Read more
Download Episode 10.14.19 Is texting or email safer?; Concert promotion scam; SEC opens an investigation into 403b’s There’s  increased interest in protecting privacy. We forget…Read more
Download Episode 10.11.19 FCC battle vs states over net neutrality; Clark Stinks The FCC doesn't want states to be able…Read more
Download Episode 10.10.19 How tariffs are playing out; Watch out for crafty MLM’s; What if your luggage gets damaged? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit more
Download Episode 10.9.19 Low inflation creates job opportunities; Scam season is in full swing; How much allowance is good? We have the lowest unemployment rate in years,…Read more
Download Episode 10.8.19 Low investing fees go lower; AT&T sends early termination bill to deceased family; Too much politics Follow-up: the financial industry continues its radical transformation.…Read more
Download Episode 10.7.19 Google gives you more control over your data; Veterans wrongfully denied coverage; ATM fees Current privacy concerns have Google in the spotlight.…Read more
Download Episode 10.4.19 Cheaper 401k plans for small businesses; Clark Stinks Roughly half of us have no access to…Read more