Playbook ‘ Clark Radio, Podcasts, & Other Audio

Playbook – Radio, Podcasts, & Other Audio

Contact: [email protected]

Clark Howard Radio show

  • Kim Drobes, Executive Producer can be reached if there are any problems/concerns with the radio show


  • “Clark Howard Show” – 5 podcasts per week available via RSS feed. Shorter version of the radio show
  • “The Empowerment Zone” ‘ Explores stories of people and businesses doing great things and overcoming obstacles

Other Audio

  • Clark often records reactions to news stories with WSB reporters, made available nationally via NewsBoss.
  • Custom reactions to local stories available ‘ please contact Kim Drobes.


  • As often as possible, have station talent refer to for more trusted money advice and deals.
  • When appropriate, use Clark as a verb. Example “Clark Howard is going to tell us how to ”˜Clark’ our taxes with a new app”¦”