TurboTax to offer free access to tax advisors in 2012


Have you used TurboTax before but think your current tax situation has grown too complicated for them? Or have you shied away from them for the same reason? The leading tax prep software company is about to introduce the human touch to woo new and old customers alike.

TurboTax, long the arch rival of H&R Block, is used by 24 million people, according to The Wall Street Journal. One ceiling to their growth, however, has been that customers may start with them when they have relatively uncomplicated tax situations. But as those same customers get more complicated tax situations — maybe they get a home, start a business or get divorced — they reach a point where they hit the wall and no longer feel confident doing their taxes with TurboTax.

So TurboTax is hiring 700 tax advisors. If you buy their 2012 package and have a question while doing your taxes, you’ll be able to talk to one of these people for free. The idea is people who might be on the fence because they have a more complicated situation can start or keep using TurboTax now.

I love that their decision to hire these folks gives you one more choice, making it less stark between the question of software versus human.

As a general rule, if your tax situation is easy, you should be able to do it yourself using tax prep software without doing any harm. But if you’ve gone through a divorce or you own your business, as just two examples, then you need to see an enrolled agent or CPA who does tax.

Right now is a good time to seek advice on your tax situation. Don’t wait until when it’s time to do your taxes!

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