This frugal janitor saved $175K and left it all to children he didn’t even know


There are those of us who try to put away some money every now and then for a rainy day. There are others who automatically deposit money into their savings account each pay period. Then there are the extreme savers who manage to make living below their means a lifestyle.

One Kentucky man was able to do the latter for most of his 75 years. His name was Alvin L. Randlett and he worked 32 years as a janitor for Sixth District Elementary in Covington, Kentucky, according to

Kentucky janitor amassed a fortune — and left it to kids

Randlett knew how to save: He saved more than 300 of his sick days. He saved money on car payments because he never owned a vehicle.

Once, during a blizzard in 1978, he spent the night at the school, shoveling coal to heat the boilers, according to the Cincinnati Inquirer.

Randlett, a lifelong bachelor, passed away in December 2015, but in line with his wishes, his estate this week donated all of his savings, $175,000, to the Kentucky Child Victims’ Trust Fund.

Children loved Randlett and he loved them. His friend, Jeff Siska, who announced the fund to a crowd of students at the school, said that Randlett wanted to do what he could to stop people from hurting children.

“He made people smile,” Siska was quoted as saying.

Randlett’s example of kindness and frugality doesn’t have to be a newsworthy: It’s something all of us can do.

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