Top 10 ways to get a dislike on Facebook


In honor of Facebook’s announcement of the upcoming ‘dislike’ button, we’ve put together a list of the top 10 things we would definitely have to DISLIKE.

Top 10 ways to get a Clarksmart dislike on Facebook:

10.  Tell everyone how excited you are about your new timeshare investment.

(Here’s why you shouldn’t do it)

9. Brag about not investing the right way… or at all.

8. Act too cool to comparison shop.

Wasting money is cool for no one.

7. Hate on budgeting.

6. Bash Costco.

5. Complain about playing the lottery but never winning.

(PS your odds of winning are one in 175 MILLION…)

4. Say anything about debit cards being good.

3. Post about your upcoming vacation — telling everyone on the Internet (including thieves, scammers and burglars) you’re going out of town and that no one will be home.

Don’t do it… Here’s why.

2. Announce you’ve just signed a five-year lease on a brand new car.

1. Post a picture about ordering from the Bermuda Triangle on a restaurant menu (aka appetizers, desserts and booze).

Because that’s how you end up spending so much money eating out

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