Text message reminders help you save money


Are you someone who wants to save, but you can’t seem to get it done? Then you need a nag. (No, I’m not volunteering for the job!)

If you’ll just go to AmericaSaves.org, you’ll meet your new electronic nag. At AmericaSaves, you can click the ‘pledge’ button and set up a pledge with how much you want to save and for how long. Then you have the ability to set up text messages that will pummel you to remind you to follow through.

About a third of a million people have set up these text message savings alerts through AmericaSaves.

The behavioral economics behind this are simple. Just as with exercise, we tend to do it better when you have a buddy along for the ride. But when it comes to money, we tend not to want to let others into that circle because we don’t want them to know our business. So AmericaSaves lets you use the text messages as a friend to prod you into savings.

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