This Simple Chart Will Help You Easily Save $1,000 This Year

This Simple Chart Will Help You Easily Save $1,000 This Year
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If you had a financial emergency, could you come up with $1,000 fast? According to a survey, 58% of Americans have less than a grand in a savings account.

How to Save $1,000 in 52 Weeks 

To help you reach that initial $1,000 mark, or save more money if you’re already there, check out this chart:

Isn’t this awesome? We’ve shared a number of savings charts recently that require specific amounts to be saved every week, but this one is different because it’s flexible and fun!

Jamie Jeffers of the blog Medium Sized Family created the chart:

“I’ve pulled together a variety of amounts of money that add up to $1,000. This chart allows you to pick and choose the best amount of money to line up with the kind of week you’re having,” Jeffers wrote on her website.

The blogger recommends that you print your own copy of the chart (click here) and hang it on the fridge to keep yourself motivated. Just remember to cross off one box every week until you’re done.

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