Robo-investing: Inexpensive way to start saving


The cost of investing has never been cheaper — or more expensive — than it is right now.

If you do it “self-serve,” you pick your own investments and it’s ultra-cheap. But if you need to hire someone for advice, it gets very expensive.

Enter robo-advisors!

Now there is a compromise where you can use computer modeling to come up with a portfolio for you. Fidelity Investments, one of the biggest financial houses in the country, has a program called Fidelity Go — which is a cheaper option for investing and doesn’t require really any hands-on work on your end.

Much like Charles Schwab, which also has its own “intelligent portfolios” for computerized investment advice, the amount of money you need to start one of these accounts is not that much. In fact, you can start investing with just a few hundred bucks or less!

Here is a list of various choices for having computers help you invest and grow your savings!

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