Instead of a ‘no-spend’ month, try these simple savings challenges


Many Americans are trying to get themselves out of debt, and some drastic strategies are in play for 2019. Among them is the “no-spend” month savings challenge.

Extreme money challenges of the “no-spend” variety can deprive hard-working people of some of the basic rewards you get from earning a paycheck and they don’t lend themselves to being very sustainable. If you really want to save and change long-time habits at the same time, why not try another kind of savings challenge?

Try these savings challenges in lieu of a ‘no spend’ month

The basic gist of any savings challenge is to come up with creative ideas to tuck money away.  Money and savings challenges have the added benefit of forcing us to pay attention to everything we spend or save.

Money expert Clark Howard says the key to saving money is indeed to challenge yourself, by planning.

“Take the time to sit down and think through your financial goals,” he says. “Have that map, know where you’re going and then don’t dream about it, make it happen.”

Looking at your bank account today, you may be wondering how can you possibly put away thousands of dollars by year’s end. But it’s possible!

Here are 3 of Team Clark’s favorite savings challenges

And don’t think adults are the only ones that can have this type of fun. This 52-week savings challenge is designed for kids (because what’s better than them financing their own college education?)

No matter which challenge you decide to do, the beautiful thing is you never have to feel like it’s too late in the year, month or week to start. It’s never too late to save.

When it comes to helping people save money, Clark is a big proponent in the power of community. On your savings journey, you may benefit from others cheering you on or you may want to see how other folks save money. If so, join our Ditch Your Debt group on Facebook.

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