New report: The best tippers usually leave around 20%


When you go out to dinner, how much do you tip your restaurant server?

A new report found that the best tippers in America leave a median of 20% of the total bill when dining out. This group includes men, Republicans, people from the Northeast and diners who pay with a debit or credit card.

The study indicated that women tip a median of 16% and Democrats, Southerners and cash users tip a median of 15%.

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Best and worst tippers in America

The scientific telephone poll of more than 1,000 adults found that four out of five Americans say they always tip their restaurant server. The sweet spot appears to be 16-20%. That figure is in line with the 15-20% range that experts recommend.

Here’s what the study revealed when it comes to tipping habits at hotels, coffee shops and hair salons:

  • 27% of hotel customers always tip their housekeeper; 31% never do
  • 29% who visit coffee shops always tip their barista; 30% never do
  • 67% always tip their hair stylist/barber; 12% never do

Modern manners and etiquette expert Diane Gottsman recommends that you tip your housekeeper $2 to $3 daily, leave 15-20% for your hair stylist and don’t feel obligated to leave a tip when you see a tip jar, like at a coffee shop.

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