Where can you live for $50,000? Your paycheck goes a long way in these cities


If you’re struggling to make ends meet, you may be wondering if your address has anything to do with it. Let’s face it: There are some cities and locales where a dollar stretches further.

When it comes to affordable cities, there is research that says that $50,000 a year is the tipping point between feeling financially content and not.

And so the question you may ask yourself is “Where are the cities where I can live comfortably?”

Paycheck friendly places: Live comfortably off $50,000 in these affordable cities

New figures from financial site GoBankingRates show the top 10 cities where your paycheck would stretch the furthest.

To come up with the numbers, the site used such benchmarks such as the cost of groceries, taxes, rent, utilities and transportation. Let’s have a look:

Rank   City  State Affordability Index
10 Conley Georgia 67.82
9 Cusetta Georgia 68.07
8 Alexandria Indiana 68.68
7 Blackwell Oklahoma 69.83
6 Progreso Texas 70.63
5 Shamokin Pennsylvania 71.39
4 Holbrook Arizona 73.82
3 Federal Heights Colorado 90.40
2 Kermit Texas 98.23
1 Pecos Texas 100.00

You may be thinking that living in these cities is not in your future — and that’s OK. The key to having more money at the end of the month is to start saving (now).

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