Mint rolls out new tool to help you realize your financial goals


Clark has been talking about for quite some time now. The free online budgeting tool has always done a great job at tracking your current consumption.

But it has historically come up short on the ability to put you on a treadmill with a detailed plan to meet your financial goals — be they getting out of debt, saving a down-payment for a home or planning a vacation.

Now Mint has rolled out a new tool called Mint Goals to deal with this deficit in its offerings. Clark played with the Mint Goals retirement savings tool and found it to be very well thought out. It won’t offer any investment choices, but it will make you think through exactly how you’re going to build your nest egg.

The Mint Goals tool allows you to select from nine pre-established goals like “get out of debt,” “plan for retirement,” “take a trip” and “improve my home,” among others. You can also create a custom goal if the one you want isn’t there. Once you pick a goal, you’re asked detailed questions about the time-line, amount of money needed and how you intend to save it up.

The system will also monitor you along the way in your journey. “Mint can gently nudge you by email or [text message] when things aren’t going so hot,” reports. “It’s like having that wise, steadfast uncle who’s really good with money and willpower — except you don’t risk family embarrassment with Mint.”

So if you have dreams of a better financial life or a goal, but you’ve never put pen to paper to realize them with a coherent plan, here’s a way to do it and have a coach lead you through the process!

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