Man pays $5,734 property taxes with $1 bills


Dan R. Aylward walked into the county treasurer’s office with a large black suitcase.

It was stuffed with 5,734 dollar bills – the first portion of his property taxes.

“I will do this every year until my last breath,” Aylward told the Northwest Herald. “(Raising property taxes) is wrong, it’s evil, and it’s got to stop.”

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Aylward, 67, is protesting his increasing property tax bill and plans to do this again when the next installment is due Sept. 13, according to the Northwest Herald.

The property tax on the 1911 house his great-uncle built was $9,609.36 in 2010. It is now $11,468.36, according to the Northwest Herald.

His children will not be able to live in the house because they can’t afford to.

“I am either going to be forced to sell it and move out of the state or stay and lose it because of the taxes,” he told the Northwest Herald.

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