Lottery uses stick-figure sketch to find $7 million winner


BROOKLYN, New York — Have you seen this person?

New York State lottery officials are searching for the winner of a $7 million jackpot whose ticket is about to expire–and they think a stick-figure ‘wanted’ poster is the key to finding that person.

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Search for an anonymous lottery winner

The amusing poster reads: “Male or female who is rich but doesn’t know it yet. Last seen at Canarsie’s Milky Way Deli buying a Cash4Life ticket with 05-20-35-43-48-03.’

Underneath the text is a smiling picture of someone wearing a backwards cap with the caption, ‘Artist’s drawing of the actual winner.’

The winner has until Friday to claim the prize or the money will be recycled back into the lottery pool.

Officials with the lottery are asking people to double check their tickets. Residents hope the winner comes forward before it’s too late.

“We have to just wait until this guy comes in,’ said one 19-year-old in the area. ‘If he doesn’t, or her, the $7 million goes to waste.”

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