Longest married couple has great financial advice for everyone


John and Ann Betar are America’s longest married couple.

At 104 and 100 years old, respectively, the couple told The Washington Post their best tips for staying together and staying healthy, in addition to some great financial advice. 

Married for 83 years

In 1932, John met Ann in their neighborhood, where they lived across the street from each other. John was 21 years old and had just escaped Syria during World War I, while Ann was only 17 and still in high school. 

Ann’s father wanted her to marry a much older man, but she refused. The couple eloped and were married in a nearby town on November 25, 1932. 

After 14 grandchildren and 16 great-grandchildren, the couple has seen the world go through enormous changes. But as far as their personal lives, Ann still ‘cooks, cleans, reads, makes the bed, waters the plants and hosts family gatherings,’ according to John, while he drives and handles the finances.

‘We’re just lucky to be together. So fortunate,’ John Betar said over e-mail. When asked what was the best part of their long life, he said, ‘Just simply being together.’ He said he best tip for marriage was, ‘Respect each other.’ 

Best financial advice

And as far as their best financial advice? 

Mr. Betar said, ‘Live day to day within your means. Be content with what you have. Don’t spend more than you have.’ They still even cut coupons! 

Now that’s Clark Smart advice! 

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