Government shutdown: IRS says it will take your money but not issue refunds


As the partial government shutdown continues, agencies are starting to chime in about how they will be able to function as the impasse lengthens. The Internal Revenue Service recently released a document outlining its contingency plans if the shutdown stretches further into the new year.

The gist of it is that taxpayers that owe money to the government will be required to pay as usual. The IRS will take your money, but they won’t be issuing any refunds. Here’s why.

Government shutdown: IRS says it won’t be issuing refunds

In its Appropriations Contingency Plan, issuing refunds is listed as a “non-excepted” function, meaning that it would fall under the tasks of furloughed workers. That fat check you were expecting after filing your tax return? As long as the government shutdown continues, it’s likely going to be delayed.

Tax refunds aren’t the only things consumers won’t be getting, according to the Appropriations Contingency Plan. Aside from issuing refunds, check out these 10 other line items the IRS says it’s going to skip out on as long as the partial government shutdown lasts:

Here are some other ‘non-excepted’ tasks the IRS won’t be doing

As government shutdown goes on, don't expect tax refunds from IRS

Keep this in mind, though: With tax-filing season officially here, the IRS can easily modify its contingency plan. But as some pundits have already pointed out, the IRS always stops issuing refunds during government shutdowns. Anyone counting on a tax refund should just hope this one ends soon.

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