Creative Ways To Give the Last-Minute Gift Everyone Wants

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You might have already heard that Clark is not a big fan of gift cards. Besides, unless it’s a store or restaurant someone really likes, a gift card could imply that you really don’t know a thing about the person you give it to — and then they’re stuck with a gift card they don’t even want! Even worse, the restaurant or store could close down!

On the other hand, some gift recipients may appreciate the convenience of a gift card over an ill-suited gift that they may not be able to return or exchange at the store.

But either way, there’s an alternative to avoid both situations — a gift that doesn’t require too much effort that Clark says most, if not all, people will appreciate: Cash!

Here are some creative and personal ways to give money, aside from the traditional money envelope.

10 Creative Ways To Give Cash

1. For the Fast Food Lover

2. For the Golfer

3. For Those Who Enjoy Optical Illusions

4. For Those Who Love the Idea of Never-Ending Money

5. For the Pizza Lover

6. For the Graduate

7. For Those Who Are Accustomed to Getting a Shirt at Christmas

8. For Those Who Like a Challenge

9. For Those Who Prefer To Use Gift Boxes

10. For Those Who Love Candy

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Creative Ways to Give Cash Gifts

The Absolute Best Way To Give Cash (We’re Biased)

Of course, we think the best way to give cash is using the below no-gift certificate gift certificate, but in all honesty, we’d be just a little bit biased.

Print out this Clark gift card by right-clicking and include it in a card for the money enthusiast in your life! Gift Certificate
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