Savings challenge: 15 ways to spend $0 this weekend


You may be someone who loves to be on the move — recreation, activities, shopping — but  if you’re like most of us, your wallet can’t always keep up.

Why not challenge yourself to entertain yourself without spending any money at all? The weekend is the perfect time to have a good time without spending a dime.

This challenge can best be accomplished if you go into it with a deliberate plan in mind. So, Team Clark put our hearts and minds together to come up with some great ways to enjoy your weekend while spending zero money.

Home alone: 7 ways to not spend money this weekend

Savings challenge: 10 ways not to spend money this weekend

  • Listen to a podcast: Crime and mystery podcasts are fun — and what about that guy Clark Howard???
  • Read a book: If you don’t have one you haven’t read on your shelf at home, there are tons of e-books online for free.
  • Watch a free movie: Use your mobile phone, laptop or smart TV to get the Sony Crackle or another free streaming service.
  • Cook leftovers: Look on every shelf in the fridge and pull it all out. You’ll be surprised what you can find — and cook for a free home meal.
  • Work it out: Exercise at home by choosing from tons of free workout videos, aerobics and yoga classes on Youtube.
  • Learn something new: Check out free courses on Udemy.
  • Learn a new language: Duolingo has free lessons you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home. Muchas gracias & tre bien!

Out with friends: 4 ways to not spend money this weekend

  • Game night: Get together with friends or family and pull out all the old favorites: Pictionary, playing cards, free scavenger hunts, Monopoly and other board games.
  • Picnic at a park: Gather your pals and head to the nearest green space. Bring some snacks from the cupboard or leftovers.
  • Potluck with neighbors: Similarly, pick a friend’s home or host yourself and bring food, talk and good cheer.
  • Volunteer: Talk your friends into donating some time cleaning up a park, planting a tree or helping build a home. Maybe even sign up for Clark’s Habitat for Humanity Build.

On a date: 4 ways to spend zero money this weekend

  • Who doesn’t like free museums? If it’s the first weekend of the month, Bank of America customers get free admission to participating museums.
  • Check out a festival: There are places to walk and things to see — and they’re usually free.
  • Dance to the music: Many cities have host free music events on the weekends.
  • Library rendezvous: Meet at a library and read a romantic novel together — or listen to music there, all for nada.

Have some suggestions we missed? Let us know in the comments below!

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