EverBank wants your deposit dollars


At a time when the typical bank is paying one twentieth of one percent on savings, I have what seems like a high-interest alternative for you.

We’re in an era when a number of banks have been floating trial balloons suggesting they may start charging you to hold your money. It’s already being done by some big Asian banks. Yet in the midst of that, there’s at least one bank looking for your deposit dough. is offering a deal for the next 6 months where they’ll pay 1.25% on a money market account up to $50,000.

Right now, that’s a mountain of interest. If you keep the money on deposit longer than 6 months or exceed the $50,000 limit, that intro deal ends and the interest rate drops to .75%.

So they attract money with an initial 6-month rate and then hope that because of inertia you’ll leave it with them.

If you have short-term money, maybe you’re saving up for a down payment, why not pop it in there and earn 1.25%?

As far as looking for best rates in country, it is tough right now. I walked by a community bank advertising 1% on their money market account. This was across the hall from the stock brokerage where I deposit money. I went twice that week and they took the sign down by second time I went. There was that much demand from people rushing in to earn 1% on their money!

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