Didn’t file in 2011? The IRS could owe you money


TRANSCRIPT: If I said to you, ‘I’m from the IRS and I have money I am begging to give to you.’ You’d think I was a con artist or crazy, but this is actually true. There are over one million people who never filed a tax return for tax year 2011. Who are owed money. All you have to do is file your return by April 15th for tax year 2011 and the IRS will cough up the money that they’ve been holding of yours that you never asked for.

I know this sounds loony tunes but it’s absolutely true. You are only given three years to claim with the IRS when there is money they own you. Now, when the shoe is on the other foot when you owe the IRS money, that goes on and on and on. So, turn the tables on the IRS. If you didn’t get around to filing and you know that there is some money out there hanging out for you, get that paperwork done now, because if you sit on your rights you’ll lose your money. I’m Clark Howard.

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