Credit scores are now factoring into dating


Your credit score has apparently become the new factor in deciding if you are date-worthy or not.

The New York Times  reports there are now several websites that try to match people up based on credit score. Among them are and

Having given financial advice for decades, I can tell you I’ve seen debt issues tear relationships apart.

Today you have a lot of couples coming together after they’ve already lived a little and gained some assets.

My favorite way to handle that is to have money that’s “his, hers and theirs.” That means you have one central household account that each person funds every pay period or every month to pay basic household expenses. Then you also each have your own money to spend how you wish on everyday stuff.

Another approach might be to set a floor limit of spending so you can each have discretionary money. For some couples that might be $100 or less. For others it might be $200 or more. That’s the money you can spend any way you wish without having to consult your spouse or partner about the financial decision.

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