Credit card that helps pay your college costs


Paying for kid’s college can be a brutally difficult thing. But there’s a way that you can get money for your kids college without any real heavy lifting. It’s a service called Upromise. And Upromise, the letter has stood the test of time. It’s been around roughly fifteen years. And the way it works is a participating merchant, simply by shopping at them they will rebate money to you that goes into a tax free college savings plan, for your kid’s college. That’s right, it’s a free lunch.

So, you shop at a participating store and they give you two percent, three percent, four, five percent of what you spend there that’s rebated back into your college plan and it grows all through the years and the money helps pay for your kid’s books, tuition or whatever. It’s not going to cover anywhere near the whole bill of your kid’s college but it will help, and the best part it’s free. Check it out. I’m Clark Howard.

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