Credit cards with the most & fewest fees


Credit card issuers are piling on more and more outrageous fees — with the average card now carrying six different types of fees.

During the month of June, analyzed the credit card terms for 100 of the most widely-held cards in the U.S. The survey found that while the average card carries six different fees, some cards — including two cards offered by First Premier Bank — charge account holders 12 fees!

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Common credit card fees

While credit card fees are nothing new, there are certain types you should expect to pay, and others that you need to look out for.

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Most cards charge for things like late payments — 99% of cards charge for this — and the most common amount is $38, the maximum allowed for consumer cards under federal law. Some other common fees include cash advance fees (charged by 98% of cards), balance transfer fees (charged by 89% of cards) and returned payment fees (charged by 81% of cards), according to the data compiled by

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‘Oddball’ fees to avoid

And then there are the ‘oddball’ fees — the outrageous things some cards charge for that should be free. Here are a few examples and the cards that carry them.

  • Account re-opening fee: Some American Express cards charge account holders for closing an account and then re-opening it again — a cost of $25 to give them your business again.
  • One-time processessing fee: This is a charge for simply using your card. The First Premier Bank Credit Card and First Premier Bank Secured MasterCard both charge this one-time fee of $95 — simply for you to start using your card.
  • Credit limit increase fee: If you’re paying your bills on time and you’re ready for a credit limit increase, First Premier will charge you an automatic $25 fee if/when you qualify and receieve an increased credit limit. The Credit One Visa Platinum card will charge you up to $49.
  • Statement hard-copy fee: If you want a hard copy of your monthly statement, some cards will now charge you for it — between $5 and $10.
  • Pay-by-phone fee: It’s exactly what it sounds like. If you need to make a payment by phone, some cards will charge you. The Meijer Platinum MasterCard charges $15 fee for this.

When it comes to choosing a card that’s right for you, make sure to read the fine print and understand exactly what you’re getting into — including any fees you should — and should not — expect.

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Cards with the most & fewest fees

According to, here are the cards with the most and fewest fees.

Cards with the most fees: 

  • First Premier Bank Credit Card – 12 fees
  • First Premier Bank Secured MasterCard – 12 fees
  • Credit One Visa Platinum- 9 fees
  • Fifth Third Bank Platinum MasterCard – 9 fees
  • Navy Federal Credit Union Cash Rewards – 9 fees
  • Regions Visa Platinum Rewards card – 9 fees

Cards with the fewest fees: 

  • Spark Miles Select by Capital One – 3 fees
  • First Premier Bank Secured MasterCard – 12 fees
  • Capital One Spark Cash Select for Business – 3 fees
  • Spark Classic from Capital One – 3 fees
  • ExxonMobil SmartCard from Citi – 3 fees
  • PenFed Promise Visa Card – 0 fees

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