Credit bureau disputes about to get easier


TRANSCRIPT: I have great news for you on navigating the credit reporting system. When errors happen on your report it has been an exercise in frustration forever for you to get those errors corrected on your credit report, but now due to a legal settlement with the state of New York that’s being implemented all across America, there are new rules that are being phased in. 

Where when you have a problem on your credit report — let’s say you find debt on there that’s not yours or you dispute what they’re saying about you on your credit report — to this point, when you file a dispute, it goes into a black hole at the credit bureaus. Not anymore. The credit bureaus have agreed they are going to train staff, who are actually going to be people who are professionals who will review your dispute and will be able to act on it in your best interest, if you provide the proof. 

A huge change that will be phased in over the next couple of years. I have a full guide to how this works here. 

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