Couple gets $2 million cell phone bill from Verizon


Imagine going to check the statement for a phone bill and seeing a balance of $2 million.

That’s what happened to one Oregon couple that had a phone plan with Verizon Wireless for just one month.

“It’s been very stressful to say the least,” Ken Slusher told KUTV.

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Slusher and his girlfriend opened an account with Verizon late last year and cancelled the account shortly after when they started noticing serious discrepancies on their bills.


According to KUTV, Slusher said their first bill was $698, $578 more than it should have been. The next bill stated a balance of only $9.

“The number of errors [was] astounding to me,” he said.

By January, Slusher and his girlfriend had their account with the cellular company cancelled and had also returned both phones they had purchased with the business.

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Even still, soon collection agencies starting calling the two demanding thousands of dollars. Slusher and his girlfriend say they’ve gone back and forth with customer service representatives, who agree the charges are a mistake. And yet, there’s been no resolution.

When Slusher checked his Verizon account on Monday, he found out about the now $2,156,593.64 balance.


On Tuesday, Slusher and his girlfriend wired a down payment on a new house for them and their children. They are scheduled to close on the house early next week but might not be able to. Slusher’s mortgage company won’t sign off on a loan.

“If I don’t get this straightened out in the next 24 hours, I can almost guarantee I’ll lose this house,” he said.  

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