Clark Howard’s Top 10 words of wisdom from 2018

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Clark Howard’s goal is for people to take control of their financial destiny. With signs of a volatile stock market and more partisan political wrangling, that’s going to be as important as ever in 2019.

Financial success, as defined by Clark, involves not how much money you have, but having as much as you need. Throughout the year, he gave us some insights — some more colorful than others — into how we can chart our own paths to financial freedom.

10 money-minded quotes from Clark Howard in 2018

Clark shared many gems of financial advice on his radio show and podcast, here on and through other outlets this year. Here are 10 quotes from him that are right on the money if you’re looking ahead to 2019:

Clark talking about standing up for what he believes in:

“A lot of people ask me — what’s with all the money I save and some ask if I’m going to be buried with it. No. Nothing like that. What living on less than what I make gives me is CHOICE. It gives me the ability to say, right on this microphone, what I feel about a company that I’m not happy with and you wonder: ‘How does he say that? He could lose his job!’ So what? You have to be willing to stand up for what you believe and financial independence makes that more possible.”

Clark on the importance of financial planning with a loved one:

“Formulate a goal you’re trying to achieve. If you’re in a relationship, this is not a talk — it’s an ongoing conversation. Perhaps earmark having the discussions twice a year when the time changes, coinciding with that reminder to change the batteries in smoke detectors. Have the talks when you change your clocks, ’cause time waits for no one.”

Banks have been fleecing the little guy for far too long, Clark says:

“Do not allow a traditional bank to abuse you, to cheat you, to take advantage of you. It’s your money. There are greater alternatives, better choices. Younger people don’t get branch banks anyway. But why should anyone at any age fall for their foolishness?”

Clark on the importance of always monitoring your ATM transactions:


“ATM fraud is skyrocketing. It’s essential that you check ATM withdrawals every single month. Your ATM debit card has enormous security weaknesses. It’s a legacy technology from the 1970s and not up to the job of protecting your account in the modern era.”

Clark’s warning about autopay is more relevant than ever:

“Have your antenna up that anytime you have something auto-billed & auto-payed and don’t check your bills or e-statements, something can get by you and rip you off blind.”

Credit card abuse is seldom talked about with such frankness as Clark does here:

“If you have trouble with spending, any form of plastic is dangerous for you. I’ve never found anything as effective at getting spending under control [as] doing all your spending with cash.”

Clark dispenses a timely reminder about dealing with customer service:

“When asserting your rights, do not get angry. You get more with honey than with vinegar.”

Clark breaks down the facts on depreciation and used vehicles

“A three-year old vehicle generally has 80 to 85% of its remaining useful life — for half the new price. That’s why 3-year-old vehicles, just as 3-year-old horses running the Kentucky Derby, are the thoroughbreds of used vehicles.”

Here he is stressing the importance of never rushing to buy a used vehicle:


“NEVER forgo the inspection of a used vehicle you’re looking to buy.”

And finally, Clark’s take on a something we all face at a certain time of the year:

“For holiday shopping, have a universal budget. This is discipline. Two steps: Use single credit card, and keep track on paper or an app like ColorNote. Whatever works for you to avoid a Christmas hangover, suffering the bills of January, is well worth doing.”

Do you remember any quotes or money advice from Clark that resonated with you? Let us know on Clark’s Facebook or Twitter.

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