CES 2018: This smart AC unit allows different temperatures for each room in the house


One of the largest utility bills that homeowners incur from month to month is the energy bill. If you’re in colder climates during the winter, you can spend a pretty penny trying to keep the temperature in your home at a comfortable level — and the same is true for those in warmer areas during the summer.

Money expert Clark Howard and team are in Las Vegas this week at the Consumer Electronics Show, where they are checking out the latest and coolest products on the market. One of them is a high-tech air conditioner manufactured by Carrier.

Carrier AC unit’s sensors reduce energy by detecting when no one’s home

The Carrier 9,000 BTUh residential AC takes advantage of a ductless system, which allows different temperature levels for every room in the home. The system comes equipped with Wi-Fi, so users can adjust its settings from any location — as long as they have their smartphone.

The system also acts as a humidifier, automatically adjusting when dry weather affects conditions inside the home. It can also reduce energy usage when it senses no movement in the home, which should result in some big savings. “Its integrated relative humidity sensor allows the system to make automatic intelligent decisions for a more comfortable space, while an infrared sensor will detect human movement to further reduce energy usage while a space is unoccupied,” the company says in a news release.

Where to get it: Carrier AC units are sold at most HVAC retailers. You can also find a dealer from the company’s website.

Clark’s takeaway: Clark says this Carrier unit is a true breakthrough in heating and cooling technology for your home. Not only does it save money on your energy bill, but also allows for different temperature levels for every rooms in your home. “If you like it really chilly or somebody likes it a little toasty, everybody can be happy, but most of all, whoever pays the bill for the heating and cooling, they’re the happiest of all.”

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