New website tracks household spending by metro area


Clark is always looking for new ways to help you get a handle on your monthly expenses.

One new website the consumer champ has been playing with really illustrates typical monthly expenses in a unique way. tracks U.S. spending and saving by metro area and then displays the info using large, colorful spheres to give a sense of perspective.

In metro Atlanta, which is where Clark is based, the typical household spends the following:

– $719 for shopping
– $637 for health & family
– $610 for food & drink
– $510 for house & home (does not include mortgage/rent)
– $508 for transportation
– $224 for travel & leisure even allows you to break down each category on an even more granular level. For example, the house & home field includes $196 for utilities, $167 for home improvement, $108 for phone and $39 for home maintenance.

Clark thinks Bundle could work very nicely as a companion with or any other online budgeting tool. The combination would let you compare your monthly spending breakdown with that of others in your area and see where you might want to dial back.

Remember, the more you know about patterns with your spending, the more you can control it going forward.

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