4 Ways Couples Can Dream Together To Achieve Their Financial Future


Dreaming together as a couple about your financial future can be one of the most rewarding experiences if done correctly. Being on the same “money page” in the book of your lives can be accomplished. By using the following strategies, you and your partner can develop the same dreams, goals, and desires financially for your lives together.

Teach one another what you like/dislike

We each bring to the table different tastes regarding money. For example, my husband has a huge tech “taste” and I have a huge interior design “taste.” That means when we go house shopping, TVs, DVD players, etc. are what he wants to buy for our home, while I head straight to the vases, flowers, and picture section. Needless to say over the past 28 years together, we’ve taught one another what our money likes are.  Be intentional to tell your spouse what you like and why and what are your non-negotiable likes/dislikes so that you can understand how to dream together.

Talk daily about money

Money conversations are life conversations. Use every opportunity that money comes up to talk about it, openly, honestly, freely. Everything from purchasing the kid’s shoes to hiring a repairman for home repair is a money conversation and should be handled with respect. Use daily, mundane money-talk as a catalyst to bring you and your spouse closer together—learning every day about your values and your priorities as a couple so that you can dream easier together about your financial future.

Time the seasons of your life

Little did my husband and I know that having four children within a seven-year span would create such wonderfully challenging life “seasons.” Right now as I write this article I have a daughter (one of 3) getting married in a few months, a son moving for a job, another daughter moving for a job and our youngest (thank God!) is coming home for the summer! Being active in every season of our children’s lives was a settled-upon huge commitment that my husband and I made a long time ago. So when sitting down with our financial planner recently, we had to adjust the numbers to accommodate the seasons our family is growing through. Weddings, moving, visiting out of state, etc. plus having a great life as we grow old together—all of these things had to be talked about and planned for. Be sure that as a couple you talk about and plan for the timing of the major seasons of your life and what role money will play in them.  And dream together about how your plans will play out.

Trust deeply about money

Trust is the glue that holds human relationships together. Without being able to trust your spouse about financial matters, it will be very difficult to dream together about your financial future. Use every opportunity that happens in your lives financially as a way to build trust. In your teaching and talking daily about money, trust should naturally come and be developed to strengthen your relationship. When trust is the foundation, sharing about how you envision your financial future together is no problem at all!

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