Warning: Thieves can steal your information while you’re waiting in line


While you’re in line waiting to buy a gift, thieves could be waiting close by to steal your information.

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Beware of thieves looking to steal your information

Law and safety expert Dale Carson said thieves can use electronic equipment to read your card when you are waiting in line.

‘If you use a chip reader and walk up to a card… it will read that chip. And in reading it, it’s disclosing info about the card itself,’ Carson said.

Korey Cieslinkski said he’s been a victim before, but that he trusts his credit card company would alert him of suspicious activity on his account.

‘It’s in the back of my mind, but I’m not that worried about it because of the safeguards companies have,’ Cieslinski said.

Carson said suspicious behavior is one give away that thieves are targeting you. He said they can get information from not just your cards, but also from your cell phones.

‘If someone were to bounce up against and run into you, you need to be aware of that,’ he said.

Carson said there are items you can buy online, like a bag or special wallet, which will protect your personal information.

The best way to spot potential fraud is to check your accounts daily — that will allow you to report it as soon as possible.


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