New ranking: Top 100 jobs for growth, great pay and satisfying work


CNN Money has ranked the job market to reveal the best jobs with expected growth, great pay and satisfying work. 

While some of the top careers on the list are in new fields, like mobile development, many of them have been around for a while!

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New list ranks top jobs in U.S. by growth, pay & satisfying work

According to a recent CNN Money and survey, the top job to have is a mobile app developer. Pay scale ranges from a median salary of $97,100 to the top $133,000 and has a job growth of 19%. Not only do app developers get to make the latest programs that millions of people download, they get to try out the latest tech gadgets like phones, tablets and wearable devices. It also has the benefit of telecommuting and low stress, according to researchers.

Top 10 careers for overall big growth, great pay and satisfying work:

(Numbers represent median pay and 10-year job growth)

  1. Mobile Applications Developer
    • $97,100
    • 19%
  2. Risk Management Director
    • $131,000
    • 7%
  3. Landman
    • $93,600
    • 7%
  4. Product Analyst
    • $74,900
    • 19%
  5. Information Assurance Analyst
    • $98,900
    • 18%
  6. Quality Assurance Coordinator (RN)
    • $69,000
    • 16%
  7. Clinical Applications Specialist
    • $77,000
    • 21%
  8. Hospital Administrator
    • $120,000
    • 17%
  9. Database Analyst
    • $70,100
    • 11%
  10. Finance & Administration Director

Jobs with the highest salaries

As for the jobs with the top pay, anesthesiologists are at the top of the cash pile according to CNN Money and’s list, making from a median income of $335,000 to a top pay of $466,000.

Top 5 highest-paid jobs:

Jobs with the most growth over the next 10 years

If you’re trying to find a field that has growth, researchers suggest checking out biostatistician. Over the next 10 years, experts believe it will have a job growth of 34 percent.

The remaining top five growing fields are: 

See the full list of the top 100 best jobs here and you can also read how CNNMoney and ranked the jobs here.


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