Banks doing something good for you for a change!


It’s time to give an attaboy to a couple of banks!  

Discover rewards students

Discover has a new incentive for college students who have one of their student credit cards. They will give you a $20 cashback bonus for up to five years just for getting a 3.0 GPA or higher.

Now, it’s not like the money is so big that it tilts the world on its axis. But I think it is really nice they came up with something that is so simple that even the name is simple: The Discover’s Good Grades $20 Cashback Bonus.

You get the good grades, you get the bonus. I am impressed with anything that encourages staying in school and getting high grades.

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Capital One’s new program cuts down on tip fraud

Capital One, meanwhile, has a new program called Second Look. This automatic program sends out e-mail alerts when it senses renewal charges, monthly service fees and duplicate charges. The goal is to ferret out charges where something might not be right.

For example, Kim of my crew is a generous tipper. She worked as a waitress through school, so she’s very keenly aware of what it’s like to be a server who live on tips. Kim was out recently and gave a tip that was 33% on a low tab. So she got an alert from Capital One asking if she really intended a 33% tip. She did, but she was glad for the double check from her credit issuer.

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Don’t forget to catalog your receipts

When you are out and about and get receipts, download an app that will take a picture of the receipt. You can then catalog it on your phone and toss the original. Then when your monthly credit card statement comes, you can easily reconcile the charges against the receipts on your phone.

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