Bank of America’s new ATMs let you talk to a real person


A big bank known for customer no-service is about to do something that’s very customer friendly.

Bank of America is rolling out ATMs with “teller assist” that will give customers the ability to speak with a remote teller from 7 in the morning until 10 at night during weekday, and 8 in the morning until 5 on the weekend.

The New York Times reports test units are currently in New England and if this is successful, it will spread across the country.

Well, I say it’s about time! The banking industry has stuck to anti-consumer ”banker hours” for too long. They’re put so many restrictions on when and how you can do business with them.

There used to be a bank called Commerce Bank that was long the most popular with consumers. They started the whole thing of being open 7 days a week, letting non-customers using their coin counters for free, etc.

Commerce ended up selling to foreign bank and the complaints are legendary about how the new buyers ruined a great bank.

It is possible to have a good bank if you listen to what people want and make it happen. Kudos to Bank of America for trying to do that.

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