Bank of America backs down from checking account fees


Bank of America has backed down from a slate of checking accounts fees in all but three states — for now.

Going back to early 2011, Bank of America started testing a variety of fees that can be anywhere from $72 to $300 annually in Arizona, Georgia, and Massachusetts. Unfortunately, customers in those states will continue to face those fees, while everyone else in all the other states gets a temporary reprieve from a countrywide rollout of the fee structure.

There’s a warning here: The big banks have signaled they want more money out of your hide no matter what. For Bank of America customers, this likely will now just happen in a different way, sometime in late 2013. Remember, I said it’s only a temporary reprieve for most Americans!

So if you’ve been on the fence about moving your money out of a big bank, don’t declare victory yet. I want you to still look at moving your money.

The best deals on mortgages, checking, and car loans are to be had at credit unions. The best deals on business loans are at small local community banks. Notice that big banks aren’t even in the mix.

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