New rules grant credit to stay-at-home spouses


New federal rules will allow stay-at-home spouses to qualify for credit in their own name based on household income.

For years, spouses who didn’t work outside of the home weren’t taken seriously when applying for credit. When my dad died in the ’80s, my mom had no credit in her name at all. In that era it was very common that a woman relied strictly on a man for her credit. Today, however, we are in a completely different era.

Things happen in life. A spouse may be taken from us too soon, or maybe a marriage that you thought was rock-solid turns out not to be so. If you have no credit in your own name, you need to get some stat.

Are you a stay at home mom or dad with a working spouse or partner? You need to know how to benefit from these new rules that could grant you credit. I typically recommend you get 2 lines of credit in your own name; just follow the Noah’s Ark rule!

Finding the credit card that’s right for you is easy on the Internet. You can search for cards at sites like or, or we have a handy tool for you  to get the job done.

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