5G is coming and it could be up to 50 times faster than 4G


It seems like we all just got used to 4G phones, and now 5G could be knocking on the doorstep.

Verizon is going to be the first carrier to test the new generation of mobile internet speeds, according to CNET.

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Will 5G really be that much better than 4G?

5G isn’t a small upgrade. Verizon says it could be up to 50 times faster than current 4g speeds. You could download an entire full-length movie in 15 seconds. 

5G is also expected to be more energy-efficient and precise.

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However, it’s still a few years out — Verizon won’t be deploying it until 2017. Other countries hope to roll it out by 2020.

Read CNET’s full breakdown.

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