9 great part-time jobs for retirees

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Maybe you want to boost your monthly income or just try your hand at something new — there are a lot of reasons to consider working part-time in retirement.

So if you’ve reached this point, or just want to plan ahead, Bankrate has put together a great list of part-time jobs for retirees — and we’ve added in some of our own tips below!

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9 part-time jobs for retirees

1. Consulting or freelance

Many consulting companies are often looking for people to come in and work on a project basis. There are also a lot of other organizations that hire freelancers to fill gaps in their staff and assist on or pick up extra projects. This type of work is ideal for retirees, because it often offers flexible work hours and the flexibility of working from home.

Check out sites like PeoplePerHour.com and FlexJobs.com to find this type of work.

2. Do what you used to do, just less

Many people transition into retirement by scaling back in their current role — going from a full-time, five-day per week job to working maybe just two days per week. If you’re planning for retirement, talk to your employer about setting up a transitional role down the road — for whenever you plan to make the transition. They may want you to continue working as a consultant or just on a project basis, especially if your expertise and experience would be valuable to current employees.

You can also reach out to former clients, partners and other professional contacts about this type of part-time work — as many companies are often looking for people with experience in and a solid understanding of their particular industry or services.

3. Research

Businesses, organizations and universities are often looking for people with experience in particular fields to help with research and other types of projects. If this is something you may be interested in, contact the departments at local universities and colleges related to your field of expertise to find out if they need extra help. Another option is volunteering in this type of work, which can often lead to a part-time job — so make sure to ask about any potential opportunities like that as well.

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4. Government work

Many government agencies offer seasonal and part-time work. And according to Dick Dawson, vice president of CareerCurve, who coaches many workers over age 55, age discrimination is less likely to occur in government jobs.


Check out usajobs.gov to find work in your area.

5. Seasonal work

Many retailers are looking for part-time workers during the holidays and other busy seasons. Experts say the key to making this type of job satisfying for you is finding the right place to work. Think about things you’re interested in and check out retailers and stores that specialize in that area.

6. Work for your favorite team

Many sports teams hire workers seasonally or for other part-time jobs they need filled. Try talking to people you know who are already working in these types or roles, or a friend or relative who may know someone to ask. Networking is your best bet when trying to find this type of job — so think about anyone you know, maybe someone you worked with in the past, or someone who may have a friend who may be able to help hook you up!

7. Customer service

Many older workers have transferable skills that are great for customer service work. FlexJobs.com is a great resource for finding part-time jobs that offer the flexibility of working remotely — allowing retirees to travel and still enjoy life in retirement. Many of these jobs also may not require specific expertise, but instead a general range of knowledge that many older people have amassed over their lifetime.

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8. Sell your skills

What are you good at? What are you interested in? There are tons of opportunities for retirees to make money off their particular skill set or interests. If you’re handy around the house, you may be able to find work helping people do odd jobs like putting together furniture, fixing things around the house or doing other tasks that may require your skills.

Ask friends and family members to help you get the word out to people who could use your help and skills!

9. Teach or tutor

Many schools are looking for temporary teachers to fill in as substitutes. A lot of these jobs don’t require specific certifications, but may require a certain level of education or just experience. Contact local schools, arts centers and recreational centers in your area about opportunities for this kind of work.

Another option is tutoring in subjects you’re knowledgeable in — either through tutoring organizations or working directly with families who have children in need of extra help.

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