Now that’s customer service: IKEA store offers beds to stranded UK motorists

IKEA store offers beds to stranded motorists in UK
Image Credit: Dreamstime

Large companies frequently make headlines for doing the wrong thing when it comes to consumers. So when a popular department store goes above and beyond, it’s a breath of fresh air.

This week, an IKEA store in the UK offered around 200 people free beds for the night after a terrible highway crash, according to the Daily Mail. The incident happened in Thurrock, Essex.

Report: IKEA store offers beds to stranded motorists

The accident was so bad that stranded motorists were reportedly stuck in their cars for more than six hours. Those who were close enough to hoof it to IKEA were greeted with open arms by management, who offered cozy beds to the weary travelers.

Images posted on social media showed travelers buried in comfortable quilts, 1000-thread sheets and other delights throughout IKEA’s vast showrooms.

Team Clark often highlights the transgressions of companies, but this is how you do customers right. Bravo, IKEA!

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