Get a call from a Dish Network telemarketer? You could be owed up to $1,200!


Telemarketers can be annoying, but a particular call you may have received years ago from staffers representing Dish Network may be worth a pretty penny today.

That’s because a multi-million dollar class action lawsuit over illicit calls made to people on the national Do Not Call Registry is paying out up to $1,200 for every time you got a call from them. The catch is that the call had to be made between 2010 and 2011.

Got a call from Dish network? You may be owed $1,200

In April, a judge’s ruling that Dish Network violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act was finalized, awarding the plaintiff case more than $61 million. Dish had until May 6 to appeal the ruling, but has not done so. What does that potentially mean for thousands of consumers? Cha-ching!

A website,, set up for the lawsuit says that while the maximum payment amount for each call is $1,200, “the Court will reduce that amount by some percentage to pay the attorney’s fees and costs requested by the lawyers who tried the case for the class.”

The verdict is so unbelievable that lawyers are having a difficult time finding people to sign up to see if they’re owed any of the money, according to CBS News.

More than 18,000 people are included in the class action lawsuit. Did you receive a call from Dish Network around eight years ago even though you are on the Do Not Call List? Here’s how to find out:

Find out if you’re apart of the Dish Network class action lawsuit

Click on this telephone lookup form to see if the phone number you had in 2010-2011 is eligible for payment.

If your number is on the list, you can submit a payment form either of these two ways:

  • via online payment form. You’ll need a Claim ID and PIN code.
  • via downloading and printing out this payment form and mailing it to “Dish Network Class Action Claims Administrator”
    c/o KCC Class Action Services
    P.O. Box 404017
    Louisville, KY 40233-4017

Class action members have to file on or before June 18, 2018 to retain eligibility.

“Submitting the Payment Form does not guarantee payment,” it says on the claims website. “A decision must be made on whether the applicant is eligible.  DISH also has the right to appeal the jury’s verdict.”


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